An interview with Alex Krull (Leaves' Eyes, Atrocity) at rock bar Median, Osaka, before Leaves' Eyes take Japan by storm at Metal Female Voices Fest

 Ina Martin    5 mei 2019

A rock bar might not be a place most people associate with an interview (or is it actually a very appropriate place to interview a metal singer?), yet after some delays in communication I find myself standing next to Alex Krull (Leaves’ Eyes, Atrocity) in the foyer of rock bar Midian in Osa...

Interview with Sweet Needles before they will put the roof on fire during Kraken Metal Rock Fest 6!

  Van Muylem    23 april 2019

Sweet Needles is the last band we interview as our part of the promo for the incredible Kraken Metal Rock fest 6! Discover them together with us!

Penumbra is back and how!

  Van Muylem    19 april 2019

Penumbra plays at Kraken Metal Rock Fest 6 and will be one of the bands who will also bring a show and as a lot of people seems to be unsure if they are still alive, I decided to simply ask them.

Cellar Twins: interview with soon to be heroes of Belgian metal rock!

  Van Muylem    17 april 2019

Cellar Twins is a rock metal band from Namur. They will play at the Kraken Metal Rock festival the 4th of May (Zick-Zack, Ittre). We already reviewed their last EP and loved it, now we can't wait to see them on stage and love to present them to you!

KING'S RAGE'S INTERVIEW: Perform in front of 100.000 fans, that's a goal!

  Van Muylem    15 april 2019

King’s Rage will perform at Kraken Metal Rock Fest 6 in Ittre (4/5/2019), time for us to ask them some questions and introduce them to you all!

Thorium hits the road!

  Van Muylem    27 maart 2019

Thorium is a band from Belgium, they play heavy metal in a melodic way and all members have a long musical history. They will perform at Kracken Metal Rock Fest 6 in Ittre and that is for us a good excuse to sit down with Tom Tas and ask him some questions:

10 jaar Der Klinke: het interview!

  Van Muylem    22 maart 2019

10 jaar, zolang bestaat de New Wave/Gothic band Der Klinke. Zonet brachten ze hiervoor een vette schijf uit: Decade. Koen Asaert en ik reviewden die en omdat die danig in de smaak viel besloten we wat vragen te stellen aan frontman Chesko.
Der Klinke is overigens ook een sterke liveband die o...

Interview with Chris Pohl from Blutengel

  Van Muylem    13 maart 2019

On the occasion of the release of the amazing Blutengel album "UN:GOTT", which we positively reviewed on Snoozecontrol (me in English and Koen Asaert in Dutch), and as a warm-up for their passage at Amphi Festival and W-Fest this summer, we took the opportunity of asking Chris P...

IANWILL: looks further then the cover of a book and kicks ass!

  Van Muylem    13 maart 2019

IANWILL is one of the unsigned bands that will perform at Kraken Metal Rock Fest 6 in Ittre. According to us they deserve more then what they got so far and thus we did a little interview to introduce them a bit better!

Rage of Light will Rock you: an introduction interview will declare why!

  Van Muylem    11 maart 2019

Rage of Light releases their first album and will play in Belgium, the 4th of May in Ittre. This Swiss female fronted electro/metal band will rock you and it's going to be partytime too!