Interview met Evergrey

      19 februari 2011

Op 28/02/2011 releaset Evergrey hun nieuwste album. Voor deze gelegenheid kreeg Snoozecontrol de kans om Tom Englund van Evergrey enkele interessante vragen voor te schotelen. Hieronder kun je het interview lezen.

1) How did the band name “Evergrey” exist?

It begun in the early 90s a lot of people were out of work and there were a lot of crises in Sweden in general. That’s when the first vision of Evergrey appeared and the name comes really of the fact that everything was kind of grey.

2) The band is from Sweden, but is very well known throughout many countries. When Evergrey started in 1998, did you expect that you would ever get this far?

We have always had high goals for this band so we really don’t put up any limits for how far we can go. Sometimes we feel really lucky for being able to have all these experiences and sometimes we feel we should have come more far at this stage. Its very hard to make a living with a band in the size of Evergrey and that’s really what we all want to do.

3) You are bringing out your new album “Glorious Collision”, does the new album have a sentimental value for the band?

I don’t really understand what you mean by sentimental but of course every album is special to you in some way. Its like you letting your children out to make it on their own. This album is special for the fact that we lost three members and got three new ones and that is of course a little bit scary and a new challenge to handle.


4) The album is not out in Belgium yet but could you tell us if there are any different things in comparison with the albums before?

-There are a lot of big differences between the previous albums and Glorious Collision. Its not recorded in the same studio, There are new members involved that also have effect on the sound, There a bit different song writers, Its mixed in a different way with more focus on the overall sound. There are also similarities between the albums. I think all of them have that special Evergrey vibe that I personally think all Evergrey albums have.


5) your starting your European tour on the 23rd of February. what can fans expect from the setlist? will you be playing a lot of new songs?

Yeah we are going to try to do quite a lot of new material. But we will see, it has to sound good as wellJ Hopefully it does because we have so many new members it would be cool to do new material from the album everyone of us has presence in. But at least four new songs I can pretty much guarantee.


6) You visited graspop metal meeting several times. Did you have a chance to get to know some of our Belgian bands? And is there a chance we might be seeing you again this year (2011)?

Graspop is maybe the best metal festival in the world. Its always such a good lineup every year. But I must say I am m not very familiar to Belgian bands. Sometimes you hear a great band at the festival but you don’t know which country they are from. I’m sure though that you have some great bands because I can feel you have a strong metal tradition in Belgium. We are going to play in Antwerp 24/4 this year supporting Kamelot. That’s all I know right now but hopefully there will be some more


7) The new album was written without drummerJonas ekdahl, guitarist Henrik Danhage   and bassist Jari Kainulainen. Did their exit had an influence on the new album? And who is there to replace them?

It’s of course a bit scary to make such a major change and we didn’t have a clue if we could find good replacements and if we could continuous making good songs. I must say we were really lucky finding Marcus Jidell on guitar, Hannes van Dahl on drums and Johan Niemann on bas and the songwriting has been going really well. If its a stronger unit its a bit too early to say but at least we have found some new energy and right now it feels really good. We are still kind of on our honey moon:)