THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND Releases Live Album "2005 – 2020 Doom Over The Years"!

  Van Muylem    12 februari 2021

French doom collective, THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND, has announced their first live album, which will be released on March 19th, 2021, through Sleeping Church Records!

With their loud 'n low-tuned, epic yet fierce and slow doom sound, the band burst into the heavy music scene in 2005. Following 3 records and 15 years of countless shows and tours later, and especially in these current dark times of empty venues, THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND would like to share their memories with this very special collection of gig excerpts to be released as a live album titled "2005 – 2020 Doom Over The Years". Recorded at several shows over the past 15 years featuring 10 blistering live tracks, the album was ultimately mixed & mastered by Guyome at Cripple Room.

Says the band: "This live effort simply represents the story of a bunch of mates, 15 years of gigging (well, just every now and then, not all the time. Let's be serious, we've got other stuff to do). Gigging, with it’s fair share of stinky sweat, booze and puke spatter, encounters of all kind of thirsty people and nut jobs from all kind of places."

1. Blood For The Bloodking
2. The Dead Can’t Lose Again
3. Ridin’ Bones
4. Night Of The Living Dead
5. The Beast Must Die
6. Smiling Tomb
7. Space Crusader
8. Lost n’ Drunk 9. Too Old
10. Into The Necronef (Unplugged)

Fans of bands alike Pentagram, Saint Vitus or Black Sabbath should definitely keep their ears and eyes peeled for more band updates and album tunes to follow in the weeks ahead!