Ost+Front - Dein Helfer in der Not (Out Of Line Music)

  Van Muylem    18 juli 2020

Ost+Front is a German band that sounds a bit like Rammstein, but in a more serious way. With their new album they try to put their fans back on their feet and reach out to a wider fanbase!

Geld Geld Geld Is the first track and has enormous possibilities: it rocks, it sounds sweet mixed with some harder parts, has cool female backings and a soft end. The lyrics talk about what money really means in life. One of the single’s from the album is the melancholic track called Schau ins Land. The backings are powerful as they have to sound louder then the guitars. Rammsteinis never far away in this track.

Honka Honka starts like a lullaby and grows out to be a funny polka duet before exploding and changing into a metal rock track. Sex, Schnaps und Gewalt takes off the masks and shows what the band talks about once the spots are out and the fans march towards their home. It might become a hit on stage, if they get the chance to performs enough after the release of this album. The first track that became a single is the most hammering track of all: Ikarus. By now you can almost all sing the song along from the first until the very last note.

Was einmal war is not the most happiest track on the album, despite the powerful backings (almost sounds like a choir). I hear some melancholia in it. Mein Eigentum is one of the strangest songs: it starts as a rocker, slows down and almost becomes a duet (but the female vocals gets pushed back after a while, sadly). Somehow this song misses a strong direction as it goes a bit too much up and down without real outbursts. It’s as if they doubted between rocking or a slow. Sad thing is that my German is not good enough to understand the song completely. Schwarzer Helmut starts like a pumping techno track, changes into electro and becomes finally a rocker with a catchy chorus and some things that will remind you of Rammstein. Die Räuber rocks, with a clear German tone and powered up vocals making it almost sound as if the same guy is singing it 10 times next to the original one. The tempo breaks kill it a bit, so maybe keep it shorter on stage? Porco Dio sounds like a joke, with some clear Rammstein hooks and winks. The chorus is pretty catchy and contains a few words in English. Some parts have a high opera touch and are filled with pathos. Zaubertrank sounds like a sweet rocker filled with alcohol and a chorus that sounds like an earworm. I like the guitar sound in this one! Frauenzimmer is yet another one that comes close to the original sound of Rammstein, and it’s not just the music: also the lyrics and the way they are sung! Last track is Untermensch: a dark slow one. You can feel the pathos and the darkness. It’s also nice to hear different vocals next to each other. With this we end the regular album!

The record company offers us 3 extra tracks (and none of the remixes, which might be worth it too if you check who did them). Viel Spaß beim Sterben has a catchy chorus and some surprises in between (listen to the screams). I can feel a lot of potential in this track (cut the time between the chorus each time a bit shorter and it becomes for sure a big hit).Roter Bau starts slowly but changes suddenly into a trash metal tracks with screaming pigs and doom metal minded guitars. It’s sounds pretty funny, not sure if it was wanted this way. Der Anfang starts like a tribal/industrial intro with impressive synths and percussion and ends before you realize it’s all over.

Well I can conclude that if Rammstein is too expensive to hire you can always ask them to jump in and fill the whole. The album is not bad, with actually a few tracks that can grow out o become well known songs. I can hear enough potential for great live gigs too! The only thing they have to grasp for is more personality and create a sound of their own!

1. Geld Geld Geld
2. Schau ins Land
3. Honka Honka
4. Sex, Schnaps und Gewalt
5. Ikarus
6. Was einmal war
7. Mein Eigentum
8. Schwarzer Helmut
9. Die Räuber
10. Porco Dio
11. Zaubertrank
12. Frauenzimmer
13. Untermensch

1. Viel Spaß beim Sterben
2. Roter Bau
Der Anfang
4. Mein Eigentum - remixed by She Hates Emotions
5. Sex, Schnaps und Gewalt - Dickpik Remix by Yellow Lazarus
6. Ikarus - Facing the Gallows Cover Version
7. Mein Eigentum - Eggvn Remix
Schwarzer Helmut - Solar Fake Remix
9. Geld Geld Geld - Geld Hell Geld Remix by Amduscia
10. Mein Eigentum - GROOVENOM Remix
Geld Geld Geld - Code: Pandorum Remix
12. Bluthund - Any Second Remix
13. Ikarus - Larva + JesucristoK Remix
14. Geld Geld Geld - Any Second Remix

Ltd. Box Single
1. In der Hölle erfroren
2. Freiheit
3. Der Ruf deiner Hoffnung