Exit Eden – Rhapsodies in Black (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    31 juli 2017

Sometimes an add on Facebook helps you to discover new things, this time is the excellent new project called Exit EdenAmanda Somerville (Avantasia, Epica and Kamelot), Clémentine Delauney (Visions of Atlantis, Serenity, Melted pace), Marina La Torraca (Avantasia and Phantom Elite) and Anna Brunner give you four times more pleasure than on their own. It goes from rock to opera, giving golden classics a new touch: it brings history back to 2017 in the best way!

Well first of all: I didn’t get the list of who takes the lead on which track, not even a list of the origins of the tracks, so I decide to review it simply as one trip as I’m not good enough in taking the voices apart and telling you who and when.

They start with a classic song that was part of my youth and is still part of my playlist: Question of Time from Depeche Mode. They start with a flute and changes it into a symphonic metal band with a lot of different voices on it (rock and opera voices). It sounds very catchy and very cool. It feels as if written for them. The guitar solo gives it that extra touch, as if it is their song, just as the little break down towards the end. I can imagine that this song will be taken over in the near future by other bands as it is simply a magical version. A cello introduces Unfaithful  a song from Rihanna, euh yes: you read it good! It turns out to be an excellent up-tempo symphonic metal song with a catchy tune. A more Irish minded tune comes in with the romantic metal track with as father Backstreet Boys (also known in the James Arthur version). Once again they speeded it up, but kept the ballad feel. The fact that the video is already a hit after the launch says enough about how much the fans love it! Impossible (original by James Arthurbut also known via the Shontelle version) is yet another powered up ballad that will be impossible to get out of your head. Even Madonna will be very pleased with this new version of her track Frozen. I must say that this is one of my favorite tracks from the Queen of Pop, but they give it the right structure and the right lead vocals: once again mission accomplished with the guts needed! Simply awesome! Yeah, who doesn’t know this song from Brian Adamsheaven? Be ready to shed a tear or ask your girl/boy-friend, wife/husband, spouse, … for an intimate and passionate dance! Firework from Katy Perry gets a symphonic metal treat. The choice for this song is a surprise, but it sounds again as simply written for them. The people behind the idea of this new band simply must have known it would work out in the best way possible! Skyfall from Adele is yet another nice discovery and must have been a real pain in the ass to get it all set right. Opera and metal blend in and renders its power just perfect! The bombastic feel sets the score high for this new version. I always knew that Total Eclipse of The Heart (Bonnie Tyler) would work out fine in a symphonic metal duet and thus here we get the final version! This is pure heaven! The backings gives it a bit of a Queen touch and I just adore it! It touches you very deep! Back to another surprise with the metal version of the Lady Gaga hit Paparazzi. This version has even a Lord of the Boards feel. Fade to Grey from Visage gets the best treat possible. The French part sounds very natural (off course), whilst the raging gives it a real metal touch. This is already the last track and it’s really like I want more!

Wow, they really got me hooked! I hope they got booked soon, in a place near me!