Freaky Age - Inner stranger (Gentle Promotion)

  Van Muylem    23 maart 2017

Freaky Age was once part of the legendary Humo’s Rock Rally, actually they were only teenagers back then and surprised many with their sound. Today they have matured and their sound is a bit different as back in 2006, so let’s give them a place in our list of reviewed artists:

Lenny Crabbe’s voice sounds really cool on All for Nothing, whilst the music is very poppy and very ear friendly (even a bit like Oasis). The guitars are rolling, the sound is very warm and well worked out, greatly polished: all the efforts are clearly not all for nothing! Like a Machine starts pretty fast, like on fire and has a certain punk and rock feel. I cherish the bass and the lead guitar, giving it a very catchy touch. Back to poppy feelings and catchy oh oh’s with Drink About It. A bit more into sadness and melancholy is the fragile Waste No Tears, proving once again they have a great singer. It’s simply a great track that will make it on stage too! Everything Is Better Now sounds pretty mellow, cheesy & catchy with a touch of Oasis.

My Own God chooses a bit the same road, but sounds a bit heavier with great guitar play and dito vocals. I like the lyrics too. Someone Else starts a bit like an average The Doors track: floating and with that retro sound, until the tempo speeds a bit up and we go more into psychedelic rock. Towards the song gets stronger and seems to explode, making it even greater! Lobotomy sounds like a classic radio track, with a melancholic touch and an adult look, pretty catchy until the end. Higher Ground sounds a bit different and has nothing to do with Red Hot Chili Peppers as it sounds a bit more like The Beach Boys in a more rock orientated direction with a bluesy guitar playing halfway. Issues is a short but sharp one and sounds pretty hot with cool guitars. Tomorrow’s Monday has nice lyrics mixed with great music and sounds very fat and rocks in the best possible way! Hell of a Ride is already the last track, feeling a bit sad after this cool ride! The song sounds sweat, despite the title and indeed: it’s time to say goodbye (except if you use the repeat all function).

My conclusion is simple: it’s a great CD, the band did a great job! But I feel there’s a big hit missing. They did their best, but I miss that little spark that will lift them and give them that extra boost needed to jump out of the package with other great bands. At least they delivered a great job, so that little extra might come with the next album? I wish them all the best!