Magoyond – ZZ

  Van Muylem    12 december 2016

Magoyond will be the very first band playing at the 2017 Trolls et Légendes edition. They will rock you in a monstrous way, very catchy and with lots of funny moments! Fun Zombie Roll!

They sing in French, use sharp guitars, sound a bit like the French version of Rammstein (in a very funny way). Take for example the opening track of this EP: Zone Zero. The lyrics are not that happy, but it all sounds so catchy, fired up in a pretty way and ready to head bang! So let go and just have fun! Le Croque-Mitaine starts slower, almost like a ballad/lullaby (using the classic horror feel). The vocals are sharp and sometimes sound like coming from the grave and that is just it! They nail it and create the right vibe for this scary track! Les Zombies is yet another catchy track about zombies, sadly it’s only a short interlude as I feel it could be worked out and thus become a real track. Zone Zero (instrumental), sounds clearly inspired by The Evil that Men Do by Iron Maiden, but also shows that they are more than just funny lyrics and a scary act. Don’t doubt any longer: their music is also simply great! Le Croque-Mitaine (instrumental) is already the last track. Without the vocals you hear the lullaby part a bit better.

I listened to their older material and was really happy with it. It’s clear that this is not just a random opening band: they will rock and deliver a great show! Can’t wait to see them on stage in Mons!

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