Windwaker - Break The Rules (Fearless Records)

  Van Muylem    4 mei 2024

Australia's WINDWAKER — vocalist Liam Guinane, guitarist Jesse Crofts, bassist Indey Salvestro, drummer Chris Lalic, and synths/samples specialist Connor Robins — are pleased to announce their new album HYPERVIOLENCE, which arrives July 12 via Fearless Records. Pre-order it here

The band has shared the video for the industrial-tinged banger "Break the Rules." With its heavy artillery riffing and bouncy, cadenced vocal style, it's on its way to becoming one of the hard rock jams of the summer!

"'Break the Rules' explores the exchange between two different personalities and the prospect of living life to its fullest," the band shares. "One side is wild and willing to act out regardless of consequence, encouraging the other, who is more reserved and considerate, but ultimately unable to live beyond the rules of society (and therefore unable to live care-free like the former). To put it plainly, it's a conversation between an introvert and an extrovert trying to highlight why their way of life is superior to the other, all while accepting the benefit to both approaches."

Shattering all restraint, Windwaker tear at the seams of their sonic boundaries, refining and finessing their craft into something truly unique. Concocting an unsuspecting recipe of electro-charged violence, sickly sweet pop hooks, bouncing hip-hop moments and slick riffage, the charismatic quintet move towards exciting new territory with each new release. And HYPERVIOLENCE is the summit of their efforts.