The Ultimate Dreamers - Echoing Reverie (Spleen+)

  Van Muylem    17 maart 2023

Echoing Reverie is the first new studio album from the Belgian quartet The Ultimate Dreamers since they have been shaken out of their extended hibernation and just like the previous Polarized single & EP release suggested it, it was really worth the wait!

Active in the mid-80’s and heavily influenced by the British post-punk dissonant style and the Belgian cold-wave melancholic atmosphere, the band resurrected during the COVID lockdown, releasing a selection of old demos on the Live Happily While Waiting For Death CD and vinyl in 2021. A dynamic impulse that brought The Ultimate Dreamers not only back on stage but also into the studio with their new line-up with Bertrand on guitar, Frédéric on vocals and Joël on bass with Sandrine, a classical musician, on keyboards and cello. The magic is back!

Now signed to Brussels-based label Spleen+ (cold wave/minimal synth division of the Alfa Matrix label group), The Ultimate Dreamers feel stronger than ever and enjoy uniting past, present and future on this exciting Echoing Reverie album that is serving us a subtle balance between light and darkness: a poignant cold wave fusion of futuristic danceable dream pop with a retro noisy post-punk attitude with surrealistic introspective cynical lyrics dealing with fleeting life, melancholic solitude and other inner demons.

Produced by Len Lemeire (Implant, 32Crash, Anne Clark…), the new songs intelligently merge nostalgic cold wave chills and alluring poignant vocals with carrying basslines and irresistible danceable beats to become “less is more” addictive tunes that capture you in no time. If you like bands such as New Order, The Cure, Minimal Compact, John Maus, Trisomie 21 or yet Section 25, Echoing Reverie comes highly recommended for a timeless dusk sonic experience at the crossroads of darkness and brightness. Let us also notice their lingering electric interpretation of AC/DC’s classic “Hell’s Bells” as well as the bonus club hit remix of “I Loved You!?” by Implant. The release of the album is accompanied by the publication of an esoteric and sensual video directed by Thomas De Moor for “Piano Ghost”.

Polarized clearly has been influenced by Len Lemeire and gives it a cool electro vibe. The vocals sound perfect, the guitar player adds his 80’s influences, you also hear very clearly the bass guitar and the synths synch’s in like a pro! This song has been written and mixed to conquer the world! I also feel like this song will open more doors and get this Belgian band an international tour by the bias of mayor festivals all over the world! Be ready to dance on it if the DJ starts the first notes of this song too!

A Day In The Life is one of the newest songs and starts with a darker feel. I like the special effects on the vocals reminding me a bit of Jacquy Bitch and some other alternative bands from the early 90’s). I also adore the high tempo the more batcave rock minded sound. This song will be for sure a good one to perform on stage and get great feedback from the audience! I’m only 2 songs far And I’m already thinking about calling out this one the best EP of the year!

Piano Ghost gets the lead of a piano (synth) and has a dark electro/guitar minded touch. Somewhere in the back I hear a slice of The Cure influences (from their darkest period). The cut off spoken word passage was also a good idea.

Hell’s Bells (AC/DC cover) is not a surprise to me as I heard them performing it on stage a lot of times. The way it sound now that it’s recorded is a different story! I’m sure AC/DC will be absolutely surprised by the sound of this reworked version! The song sounds like dark, gloomy and smoked out! The song mixes electro, rock, minimal wave and gothic! I also hear a bit of a Halloween touch (hence the spooky sounds). They dared to change it and did it in a great way, a bit like David Bowie did with his live version of The Man Who Sold The World (after Nirvana covered it during an MTV unplugged session). Thumbs up!

Midnight is yet another great track, this time we get a more cold wave minded touch with clearly 80’s influences (drums, synth, bass …). Halfway the track I even feel a little clap your hands moment, just before the guitar takes the lead.

Big Violent sounds heavy and has a lot of violence within it (related to the lyrics). I heard this one already on stage and am really happy with the actual studio sound. It also sounds as if I’m hearing Len Lemeire and not Frédéric Cotton. The guitar player also does a great job here, next to the bass player! I’m sur this newer version will be translated into a perfect live version! People will enjoy it even more!

I Loved You?! Is an older track that gets the perfect Len Lemeire revamp! Now it has become an up-tempo cold wave/electro touch. I also hope that DJ’s will use it and test it out and check if it’s a dancefloor filler or not!

Implant Loved You?! (Implant remix): the result is a typical Implant song with dancefloor vibes, a good tempo and a little bit more electronics. The old school Implant break down is also included.

Yes, this album has it all to make it world wide! It all sounds great and I have a feelings the tracks will be also a hit on stage and on the dancefloor! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This one is yet again a great one made in Belgium!