IMPLANT - Cognitive Dissonance (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    27 maart 2021

When I got the EP with the first tracks from this new album I was jumping up and down as it had the best B-side so far and the main track was also very good. It created high expectations as I felt they were going from electro pop into more old school EBM and Techno (just listen to one of the remixes of The Devil Made Me Do it). You will also notice the contribution of HELALYN FLOWERS’ front girl Noemi Aurora on several songs.

The album starts with the slow EBM minded track called I Don’t Trust The Machine. First thing I noticed is that Len’s voice has gotten more body and has become a bit more into a deep bass tone with a touch of a sugar daddy feel. Notice also the spoken word parts that set the tone in the beginning of the track (a Ted Talk). I feel that this one can even become a club hit with a bit more of pimping up the tempo and the volume. It’s a great track to start with! Next is the first single with the Jimi Tenor touch aka Take Me Baby in the deep bass section (check out my original review of the EP). It’s also the introduction of Noemi Aurora on vocals, next to Len’s.

More foot stomping / roaring beats comes with The Shipwreck (feat. Noemi Aurora). Her vocals give it a sweet touch. It’s once again a great track! Next is Nutshell: a song that starts as a minimal wave track with a clear retro touch. I can’t point out from where the voice of the women is coming from (meaning which movie), but I think Heyaeb used it in the past too. It’s a good album filler. Trump called Brussels as a Hell Hole and that is also the title of the next track and indeed: you get to hear him too! But sadly it’s only an album filler. It would have been cool to work out this one a bit more as I’m an occupant of this Hell Hole! My favourite track on the album an rising track The Devil Made Me Do It (it’s in my top 200 out of 5000 tracks and got there in a short time, next to other recent great tracks like XXX from Daemon Grey and My Boss The Robot from Red Zebra). Check out the EP review for more details! This one has to become a hit! So I’m counting on YOU to spread the word about it! The Drums Have Been Talking has a catchy touch from the start whilst the vocals have a deep bass and a fat feel. This one might also become a hit, at least according to my personal feel. I adore the beats (synths) and the drums. The King And The Rebel is yet another great track with a feel of catchiness. I also have a feeling this one would work out fine on stage. The song also sounds really great with headphones on (love the deep bass sound). This song also marks why Len is a good vocalist too (not that he can sing very high or sing in a very technical way: his voice just sounds perfect for this kind of music and he knows how to use his voice to make it sound just perfect for this track)! Be ready to dance on this one too! The Room goes deep into techno and electro (I like the roaring sound of the machine’s), guided by an unknown voice (it’s actually an AI voice talking). I see this one as an opening track for a gig! Run To The Lights sounds a bit funny and catchy, whilst Len is dropping his lines in a very serious way. The roaring machines and the deep bass sounds is really great, just as the slice of a retro electro touch and a dark feel. This song might get a lot of likes (I hope you get the joke). I feel the song is about the COVID-19 situation and that we are all rabbits who run to the lights, but get shot down by COVID-19 before you get to the lights. Censorship Through Noise (part I): shoots at what happens in the world and points out what goes wrong with the actual pandemic. The first part is a short interlude, whilst the second part is a real worked out track. I like the retro touch, mixed with anno 2021 sound. I hear a bit of a catchy sound, next to (again) the roaring machine’s and deep beats. The more you listen to this track, the better it becomes and even turns into an earworm! It’s a clear proof that this album has become the best Implant album in decades! Last one is The Last Record (feat. Noemi Aurora) and starts with some snippets from a YouTube piece that explains you how to do play a 7” vinyl. Once Len starts to shoot of slowly his lines the song turns into a slow EBM track with a slice of electro wave. I also like Noemi’s voice next to his. The song has a very melancholic touch and could be played as closing track for a gig, once it’s possible to perform (off course)!

My advice, next to buying the album: buy the second one too as it’s filled with great versions (including a remix done by Suicide Commando and a cover version by The Breath of Life)! It’s simply their best album in decades! Top quality made in Belgium! Be proud and share it! Talk about it! Play it, but first of all: buy it!