Belgian Death Metal band CATHARSIS to re-release the EP "I" on 1/02/24

  Van Muylem    2 december 2023

CATHARSIS is a Belgian death metal band born and raised in the chaos of the 2020 raging Corona pandemic. They are scene veterans hailing from 90's bands like Death's Bride, Solipsist, Brutal Exposure, Body of Christ and Signs of Cain.

"I" has been remixed, remastered and supplemented with the "Durango Session" where Catharsis performed live at Radio Benelux on October 17th, 2023!

Tracks 1 to 4 has been remixed and remastered by GIO SMET RECORDS.

Tracks 5 to 10 where recorded by Radio Benelux.

Fans have to be quick to order though, as the copies are limited to 100!


1. As The Crow Flies

2. Pro Patria Mori

3. Squidnunc

4. Cauchemar

5. As The Crow Flies (Live)

6. A Bloodier Shade Of Pale (Live)

7. Pro Patria Mori (Live)

8. Cauchemar (Live)

9. Squidnunc (Live)

10. Whirlpool (Live)






Gio Smet Records: