Nieuwe groep met leden van Dream Theater, Deep Purple, Transatlantic en Alpha Rev

      3 januari 2011

Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Neals Morse (Transatlantic), Dave Larue en Casey McPherson (Alpha Rev, Endochine) hebben samen besloten om een nieuw project op te starten. De tot nog toe onbenoemde band is onlangs de studio ingetrokken om later dit jaar een album te kunnen releasen. De band heeft nog geen naam voor het album als voor zichzelf.

"There are some demos and some things that Steve and I did in April that we've worked on and so we'll have some things to start with, but I think the plan is to get together and see what happens and write in the room.

We're all excited about the project, but it is a bit of a mystery as to what will come. The vision is to do something a little more song-oriented and not quite so riffy, as one might expect. But still, of course, having the musical elements that people like Steve Morse, Dave LaRou, Mike Portnoy, and myself can provide."