KING'S RAGE'S INTERVIEW: Perform in front of 100.000 fans, that's a goal!

  Van Muylem    15 april 2019

King’s Rage will perform at Kraken Metal Rock Fest 6 in Ittre (4/5/2019), time for us to ask them some questions and introduce them to you all!

For starters, why this name, from where did it come?

In The 70s my uncle had a Rock band Called King's Road like the Street in England. We really loved this name but we wanted to have a name for the band a little more aggressive. So we kept “King's” and replace Road by Rage.

Can you recap your history?

We are from Belgium originally from Mons. Most of the band are childhood friends and cousins. We wanted to create a band together for a long time. Mixing rock, metal riff and good melody. My uncle had really good rock music he had composed during 70’s with his band King's Road. We decided to take some influences from him, rework it our way and mix it with our own compositions.

I noticed a lot of you played before in other bands and yet you know each other from childhood, so why not earlier?

Because we were all busy in different bands.

How did you get into touch with your label?

Several months after the release of the No pain no gain Music video, Alexandre Saba from M & 0 Music has send us a message on King's Rage 's Facebook and he offered us a contract for a digital worldwide distribution and a contract with M & 0 Office for the promotion.

Is it hard to get any press interested in you and get a larger fanbase?

Yes, it's not easy and King's Rage is a young band with a first EP but the label and us are working hard to expand fanbase and discover “King's Rage” to the media.

You just released an acoustic version of No Pain, No Gain. How was it to perform it this way?

It's very enriching to play your songs in different ways. It also makes it possible to reach another audience. It was a first one for us but not the last.

The original version was used by the MMA (European Beatdown), how did that happen?

I went to the first “European Beatdown” edition and I thought it would be great to shoot a Music Video for this Event. I found the promoter “Mike Wiatko” and I said : We got the perfect song for your event, he listened, he loved, then I wrote the lyrics and we shot the music Video.

How did it feel to create the video and enter the cage?

I 'am a freelance Filmmaker so I had all the stuff the shoot the music video. it would have been difficult for me to be behind and in front the camera. So one of our cousins who is a student in the video shot it, and we edited the music video together. After shooting in the cage we immediately understood that it would be a good music video with a lot of energy.

Did you manage to get some fighting lessons too?

I do martial arts and I have been doing kickboxing since I was six years old. MMA is different it's a mix of martial arts but yes they showed us some grappling stuff, very interesting.

What is the song Blind Dog really about?

“Blind Dog” was composed by my uncle Umberto Colapietro from “King's Road” and arranged by “King's Rage” this song talks about a guy who has an old blind dog always running after cats, afraid of cars and looking for a friend. Blind dog will probably be the next music video, we are looking for the dog.....

When I listened to your songs for the first time, you reminded me a bit of the better version of Nickelback, how do you feel about that?

We were not influenced by this band but thank you for this compliment They are really good.

To me you also sounded as if you are used to perform in front of 100.000 fans, but what is your actual audience record and where was it?

With Facebook, YouTube, Spotify you can now see exactly where your audience is. The main fans are from Belgium and France but we also have followers from Germany, England, Italy. And Some from Australia and United States.

Who are your real heroes in the world of music?

For our Drummer Alex : Matt Greiner and Chad Smith

For our Guitarist Angelo : Jimi Hendrix and Yngwie Malmsteen

For our Guitarist Christ : Tony MacAlpine and Metallica

For our Bassist Remy : Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead

For me the singer Ludo : James Hetfield, Metallica

What is your dream venue?

Perform in front of 100.000 fans, that's a goal...

Soon you’ll play at Kracken Metal Rock fest 6, what can we expect?

You will discover my new custom mic stand made by my guitarist Angelo. At each show we give the best of ourselves , we want our band and the audience to have fun. So guys be ready to Jump.

What else can we expect in 2019 from you?

A new music video, get into the studio to record a new EP.

Last words or wishes for 2019?

A lot of music and shows, Shoot a music video with a movie star. perform before a big band, perform in the United States and of course keeping our health.

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