Trolls et LΓ©gendes 2015 was sold out, time to announce the 2017 edition and talk about it with Didier Czepczyk!

  Van Muylem    17 november 2016

The new edition of the Trolls et Légendes (Mons, Belgium) will be my third edition, the 2017 edition will be one with some changes. If you are not yet aware of this great fest or not aware of the changes that will occur, read further as I had a chat with Didier Cz …

Can you tell our readers the history of Trolls et Légendes and what is it about (for those who still have to discover it)?

Cz : The first edition of the “Trolls & Legend” Festival held in 2005. It was already in Mons. It was, at this time, the first big meeting in Belgium, and also France, completely devoted to the world of “Fantasy” (if you really don’t know what I’m talking about, just have a look at : The Lord Of The Rings). The festival included (and it’s still the case) : literature, movies, games, comics, music … Well, everything you want about “fantasy”sub-culture.

Didier looks like you are now in charge of the Trolls et Légendes fest in Mons (surrounded by a great team), how did it happen?

Cz : I’m in the “music”  team of the Trolls & Legend Festival since 2009. My role was mainly the catering of the bands. When the “big boss” (Frédéric Cotton) decided to stop, last year, Catherine Houbion took the decision to keep on. She asked me to take in charge the programming of the music part. I know her for so long, I could not say no.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Cz : My name is Didier Czepczyk, but most of my friends just call me : CZ. I’m 47 years old. I have a long musical background (since I was 17), as guitar player. I’ve played in several rock bands… Since 2000, I play the guitar in: The Breath Of Life. A well-known Belgian band from the “Gothic” scene. I also write reviews for little magazines or web radios.

Will there be a lot of changes compared to the past editions?

Cz : Like the latest edition: There will be eleven bands playing. But for nine of them, it will be their first appearance at the “Trolls & Legend Festival”. And the Saturday evening will be more “Metal” oriented. With bands like Skeptical Minds

The last edition was sold out, over the 3 days. The festival is booming and Mons feels like getting a bit too small for such a successful festival, what will happen over the coming years? I read all kind of possibilities and even read at some point that Mons was not really into this festival (but selling out opened a bit their eyes)?

Cz : Let’s speak frankly: we don’t get any help from the city of Mons. We just rent the “Mons Expo” hall and we make everything on our own. All the persons involved in the organization are volunteers. Thanks to us, Mons has a nice publicity. But there is no feedback from them. Honestly, I don’t know what will happen in the future, we have to talk about it …

So far only a few bands have been announced, so can you tell us more about the next announcements? Will there be other names of authors coming?

Cz : I can just speak about music. All the bands are already booked. There will be real good things … Every week, we announce, on our website, a new band … So, be connected …

One of the classic bands to be booked is off course: Naheulband. How come they are so popular in Mons (last time it was really great, just like all their gigs in Mons)?

Cz : That’s a perfect show. They are brilliant musicians. They play good music and they are so funny and friendly … At the Trolls & Legend, they play at home … Like a “resident DJ” in a nightclub!

Skeptical Minds together with Alain Poncelet will be the perfect match, can you tell our readers why?

Cz : I think that it’s interesting to make a link between music and the graphic arts. Alain Poncelet has made a very nice “comic”. His heroin is inspired by Karolina Pacan, the so cute singer of Skeptical Minds. To put the drawings and the story in music is a very motivating challenge.


Rastaban is another very popular band in Mons, a lot of people expect them back, creating a lot of fuzz around them. Just like Huldre (they even got an award from the audience). Forgive me this question: but will the audience get them?

Cz : About Huldre, I’m afraid not this year. But you’re true, they are excellent. About Rastaban, they will be there. And they will offer us, for the first time ever, a complete new heavy metal set ! 

If you would change one thing what is it?

Cz : Good question … For the moment, everything is going well. So, ask me this question next year … Hoping that I will answer the same.

I hear that the list of bands who wants to play is longer than your own wish list, does it make it easier to book some bands?

Cz : Many bands ask us to play, really. And that’s a real honor for them to play at our festival. That’s what they say, I’m not kidding, I swear.

You also already booked some interesting artists (Séverine Pineaux, Roman Surzhenko aka Thorgal for ex), was it easy to book them and can you announce some fresh names?

Cz : Well, I’m not in charge of this part the organization. So, I don’t know for the moment. Maybe you should ask the right persons.

With the last edition the outside podium was filled with lots of activities (shows of best dressed up people, gigs, …), will that happen again and what can we expect?

Cz : There still will be a lot of happenings, yes. Don’t worry. 

How much volunteers are actually helping with the festival and are they easy to find?

Cz : There are around 300 volunteers with us. Without these so motivated persons, we could not make it. They are great. For the moment, it’s still easy to find them.

Every event is getting more and more expensive, do you feel it too? Who are the big sponsors behind the festival?

Cz : Yes, maybe it begins to be “too big” for our little shoulders. Our main sponsor is : “The Dubuisson Brewery” wich makes the “Cuvée des Trolls” beer. Now, you understand better the name of our festival …

What or who would be for you a top act to book?

Cz : I’ve tried to book Amanda Palmer … But it didn’t work. Maybe next time. I would also be very proud to get one year : Blackmore’s Night.

Any major dream for this great event?

Cz : To make it as successful as the latest edition.

Do you want to close this interview with something you absolutely want to talk about?

Cz : Yes, what do you think about the wife of Donald Trump ? Does she deserve him ?

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