Interview with Jaded Star: Maybe WE are aliens after all …

  Van Muylem    13 juni 2016

I saw Jaded Star for the first time on stage at the previous edition of MFVF and saw them this year on stage as first part for Sirenia and Xandria. With their first album launched it was time to grasp for some answers … You can read them below

My logic starter when I interview a band for the first time is: what does the band’s name mean and what is the philosophy behind the name?

Jade (also known as the Emerald Stone)is an ancient stone that has physical and spiritual healing powers. As Jaded Star we wish to do this with our music.

How did it all started for you?

My love for music and arts in general started when I was 3-4 years old. Joined a band when I was 16 and started writing songs. I’ve been member of bands such as Elysion, On Thorns I lay and Visions of Atlantis and toured the world. I had the pleasure and honor to work with artists like Uli JonRoth(Scorpions), John Pain (Asia), Moonspell and others and a few years ago I formed my own band Jaded Star.

Is the fact that you are from the sign of Gemini a trigger for making music and being creative or is that all a fantasy thing?

I believe in signs and I’m pretty sure that I’m an original Gemini, but I’m also sure that I would be creative even if I was born an amoeba!

It took you some time before releasing a first CD, you wanted to be absolutely sure about the quality and the sound, is that right? Didn’t you feel too much pressure?

Actually it took us 1 year to release the album because we were looking for the right record deal for the band. Pressure is good when things are getting done and personally I work way better under pressure…I prefer to call it excitement!

You called your first CD Memories from the future, why & what does it refer to? What are these memories?

As a child and later on as a….bigger child =-) I used to have those flashes from my future, like having a band, travelling, playing big venues …This album for me is one of my biggest dreams coming true and I somehow knew back then what was gonna happen.

Who did the artwork on the album? I’m wandering why the two female heads and with that Medusa twist?

The painter’s name is Lila Belivanaki and she is an amazing artist in my humble opinion. The cover is me half on earth and half on another planet. No Medusa relation intended.

Songs like Wake Up and Keep on Fighting are jewels on the album, to me they could have been part of the Terminator movie (just as the beautiful ballad In Memory), was that the idea?

Thank you! The idea is always to write a good song. Now if this song can make its way to a movie like Terminator THAT would be awesome!

The cool thing on this album is that you use your voice with great variety, giving this album a wider range. When you sing in a more softer way you almost sound like Christina Aguilera, I like it, but what do you think of it?

Christina Aguilera has some big balls when it comes to her singing, so I’m taking this as a compliment! I like to use my voice in any way possible and I still have a long way to go. With this band I’m free to do whatever I want so I’m planning to take advantage of it.

Did a science fiction movie/series inspire you?

I love sci-fi and futurism in general and a lot of inspiration comes from this but not from a specific movie/serie. Who knows, maybe WE are aliens after all …

Who makes your stage clothes of where did you get them (they are really great)?

Thank you! I’m making most of our stage outfits.

You recently toured with one of my favorite bands Moonspell / Dagoba, Xandria / Serenity how was it?

Both tours were extremely good for us and we had a great time with all the bands! We made new friends and spent time with old ones, we got so much positive feedback and we can’t wait to hit the road again!

Out of personal interest, how was it to play in Talinn, at the Rockclub tapper? (My wife is from Estonia)? Can you describe this venue and how it all went?

Estonia is a beautiful country and the people were very friendly, we loved it there and we really look forward to return!

You played again in Belgium (Biebob) and played before at the Metal Female Voices Fest, can you tell us how you passage at the MFVF and Biebob was? Do you have a special relationship with Belgium?

We played also in Brussels, Charleroi, Bruges and Hui. Belgium always feels like home! We have many friends there and it one of our favorite destinations! MFVF is one of the best festivals out there and I always look forward to it either I perform or not!

At the MFVF (two years ago) you also played on the first day and served us some covers, can you tell us which ones you played and why in particular these?

The whole idea started in 2013 with Eve’s Apple where we played a 3 hour show with 24 singers on stage. It was magical! In 2014 things were more simple for me and the musicians since we had to work with 9 girls. I chose to sing Trains from Porcupine Tree and On Most Surfaces from The Gathering. These are 2 of my favorite songs of all times.

The first day has its reputation for creating great special moments, is there one artist you would want to share the stage with and sing a song with?

That would be Leonard Cohen but I don’t think he will play at MFVF this year …

I know you are good friends with Helcanen Val (MFVF), how is your relation with her and how did it all start?

You said it yourself! We are friends ! I love her and she won my heart from the first time I met her in 2009 at the festival.

Do you think you might play at the next edition of the MFVF?

2017 is still far but we would love to play there again!

What else will 2016 bring for Jaded Star and what can we wish you?

Currently we’re working on our new album which is planned to be released in 2017.Wish us health, luck, strength and soberness !!!

Thank you!