Interview met Pornstar Airlines

      28 november 2010

‘Pornstar Airlines is basically a rock-band playing party-rock. Plus, we do interviews with pornstars and adult-models, like Penthouse-Pets and Playboy-Centerfolds and others who fit in the picture to promote us and them. I looooooove pornstars!’


Pornstar Airlines is an strange name for a band. What is it all about?
Paskkal: ‘As far as the porn stars go, adult models have been officially involved since early in 2008, but I’ve been friends with a lot of them for a much longer time, like from 1996 on. I thought that we had to do something unique, so I decided to start doing naughty interviews with models and posting them on our Myspace page. So, I asked all the porn models I knew if they’d help me to do this. They liked the idea, did the interviews, and the rest is history. There are over 100 so far.’

Pornstars and music don’t really have that much in common.
Paskkal: ‘It came by chance. I was watching The Bloodhound Gang's video the ballad of Chasey Lain thinking "man, I know a lot of the most beautiful women in the world and a lot of adult-models. How can I bring that together with our music?" And then the scales fell from my eyes: I figured it would be cool doing really naughty interviews with them, in some kinda Metal-Sludge-ish way. So I made a few phone calls and wrote some emails. The rest is history. The funniest thing was: I didn't tell it to my band-members. I started to release those interviews on and they didn't recognize it for a long time since they didn't visit the site too often. They just took a look at the site superficially now and then being happy about the growing amount of fans and hits. When Sebastian (bass-player) was told about what was going on, he wrote a friend request on myspace to HIS OWN BAND which he hadn’t added so far going "this is cool, I wanna add that."’

So apart from the interviews with pornstars, you seem to have a distinct style.
Paskkal: ‘I don’t know. Others woul have to do describe that. But I know that fans from Mötley Crüe, Kiss, Guns n Roses, Turbonegro and backyard babies like us, too. So it s just Rock with a big range of variety, just like Crüe and Kiss have done, from Pop-Rock to Metal.’

When I heard the name of the band, I thought it was a pornsite.
Paskkal: ‘As far as how we got the name, I actually had sex with a flight-attendant, on a plane, while I was on my way to a vacation. I told my buddy, and he told me he had sex with a stewardess as well, on the same airline and on the same month, but with a different woman. And he mentioned he saw a porn model aboard. I just said, ‘Wow, what a porno airline!’. A few days later, a friend of mine showed me some new songs from his band. One of them was actually called Porn ROCK Airlines. I played with the words for a few hours and told the guys in the band our new name was Pornstar Airlines. No one disagreed.’

Are there plans to put out an album?
Paskkal: ‘Yes, as soon as I find a new lead-guitar-player we’re going to record an album immediatly. This won’t take long since we have collected around 60 songs over the years and we already made a pick of the best 15.
Some of the songs you hear on myspace are gonna be re-recorded, too.’

So let’s say you got 1 million dollar to do whatever you want. What would you do to make your band more known?
Paskkal: ‘That’s easy to answer: we’d do a big tour to promote us while staying in acceptable hotels (and not making this a survival trip) and shoot some music-videos. I looooove music-videos! And I would ask our buddies from West Coast Customs to build a cool car. Did you see Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe in this old video where he sits in the little Jacuzzi in the back of the limousine? I would tell the WCC-guys to build a car that looks like the coolest looking airplane EVER, a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, with a bigger Jacuzzi in the back and cruise the streets.’

So while going on that tour, you could come to Belgium because you’ve never played here before.
Paskkal: ‘No,I ve never been to Belgium. And I don’t know much about it either. All i know is that you have a border to Germany and I beleive your capital is Den Haag, right? (laughs) I only had an experience with belgians ONCE: I was on Ibiza and I wanted to sleep in my hotelroom after the party one day. I woke up when two drunks came home. And I woke up again, when a 3rd one came home. And again when number 4, 5 and 6 entered. Then I woke up when 1 and 2 stumbled to the toilet and back. And I woke up when the 3rd stumbled to the toilet, as well. And 4,5 and 6... The same the next day.
So I spoke to the guy who ran the hotel and he promised me to take care of it.
But he didn’t. Later the police came and they made them leave the hotel.
After 3 hours they came back and moved in again because they begged so hard because they couldn’t find another place to stay. And I think they paid more money to the owner. Fuck! On my last day on Ibiza the owner told me: “Oh, this night is the last night of the Belgians, maybe it’s going to be a little louder.” It was and I was sick for one week after I hadn’t slept decently for 6 days. Are all of you Belgian guys like that?’ (laughs)