Interview met Flatfoot 56

  levi deluycker    4 februari 2011

Na een positieve beoordeling van de groep hun nieuwste album "Black Thorn" hebben wij nog een interview zien te regelen met de band. Je kan dit uitgebreid lezen door op de titel van het artikel te klikken.

First off, I wanted to say that I was very impressed with Black Thorn. None of the songs sound alike, yet they all have that flatfoot sound. Was that variety in songs something you did on purpose, or purely something that grew when you wrote the songs?

We have always loved records with a good variety to them so we wanted to give the listener a diverse and interesting listening experience. As a band, we have many different influences and we always want to use those in our music.

The lyrical message of your songs differs from song to song. You’ve got songs about being loyal, about community and brotherhood and also about love. Could you write about almost anything or do you feel that there is a clear line about what could be the lyrical content of a Flatfoot 56 song and what couldn’t get into a song?

To be honest, we have always wanted to be a band that makes music that challenges and encourages the listener toward thinking outside their box. While Flatfoot 56 has always been honest and open with lyrics, we also want to make sure we aren’t just talking bout things that don’t do anybody any good, including us. We write from the perspective of we see life and try to make people think. We try not to just whine and complain.

“Black thorn” is your 3rd official album. We didn’t have the chance yet to listen to predecessors “knuckles up” and “jungle of the Midwest”. How do you feel black thorn is different from those albums?

Black thorn is the next step in our quest to become better song and lyric writers. Those that have heard the album have told us that we have matured and grown since the first two records. The content, sound quality, and time spend on this record show, when in comparison.

The album is being released here on the 14th of February. However it’s been out since the 30th March in America. Are you satisfied with the response the record has got so far?

This record has had the biggest response and best reviews ever since we started. The fans have really gotten behind it and are excited about the sound the band has developed over the past ten years. We have been told that with each new record the sound gets more and more our own. People and critics have been very positive.

This album coincides with the bands 10th anniversary. Were there any other plans to honor those 10 years?

We had planned to put out a ten year scarf but we decided that we needed to spend the money on other more pressing things. Some of us talked about getting ten year tattoos, but nothing ever came of it. There may be something coming, but for now putting out a great record seems to be the best thing we have come up with so far.

n those 10 years a lot must have happened. What do you consider the most special moments that happened with Flatfoot 56?

In 2006 we were asked to tour to Japan with Flogging Molly for a week-long trip. This was our first overseas trip as a band and we were in for one of the best experiences we have ever had. We had a great response and an amazing time playing and hanging out with both Flogging Molly and our new Japanese fans.

I noticed on your facebookpage that a lot of fans have a flatfoot 56 tattoo. It’s a huge dedication to put a band forever on your body, so it means you must really have affected their life. Do fans often come to you with stories about how your music affected their life?

We have had many amazing people tell us how the band has impacted their lives. It seems to be a running theme over the years. As far as the tattoos go, those are something that people just seem to do on their own. We are always really encouraged by it.

you’ll also be touring Europe. (Unfortunately there’s no Belgian date).  Is there a big difference between America and Europe? Are the venues, crowds and response different?

I think fans in Europe seem to get much more excited about music than American fans do. Don’t get me wrong, they go crazy in the United States but in Europe you seem to have much more passion. Even the interview questions seem to be more thought out! As far as the fans go, we were blown away to find kids that knew every word from songs that hadn’t even been released in Europe. Along with this, you definitely know how to go crazy at shows. We’ll be in Belgium soon! We promise.

Final question: do you have a message for our snoozecontrol audience?

I always like to encourage music fans to make sure that they support their local music as well as the big touring bands. Every bigger band starts somewhere and goes through times when they need good fans to encourage them. Always support local music and venues.

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