Interview: Therapy? (ENG)

  Erik Vandamme    16 maart 2015

Ter gelegenheid van het nieuwe album Disquiet hadden we gelegenheid en de eer  de Ierse topband Therapy? te mogen interviewen. We legden hen enkele prangende vragen voor, met ook een flits naar het verleden. Maar uiteraard ook een kijk naar de toekomst. Lees wat de heren te vertellen hadden:

 • When I was in my early thirties, I discovered Therapy? The music hit me like a bomb. How did you experience the success of Therapy?, especially in the '94-'99 era?

Michael McKeegan(bass guitar): It was really cool actually, we did a lot of touring and recording in that period and got to travel and play all over the world. Made a lot of good friends and were lucky to play with a lot of our favourite bands.

Therapy? seems to be on a never ending tour. After touring together for decades, some bands (e.g. Metallica) feel the need for band therapy. With a bandname like Therapy?, you can feel my question coming. How do you guys get along after all those years? Do you ever get tired with the touring lifestyle?

MM: I think we've been very lucky in that we've been able to do what we love for 25 years now so we never take what we have 'for granted'. The shows are quite intense and cathartic from our point of view and from what the audience say, it can be like that for them too. Obviously you have days where you get sick and feel tired but once you start playing all that disappears. Thankfully we all get on well as people which is great, we all like what we do and enjoy hanging out with each other on tour so no band visits to a therapist just yet.

In my opinion, the new album 'Disquiet' proves that Therapy? still sounds heavy and ruthless. What do you think of it?

MM: It probably comes as no surprise that I'm absolutely delighted with how the new album came out! We kept a good focus on making the album and songs as strong as possible and also enjoyed the process and kept the energy levels up. I think a rock band like us has to sound convincing and passionate on record and I think we achieved that on Disquiet.

• How long did you guys work on the new album?

MM: The rough song ideas came about end of 2013 then we did 10 days demo/pre-production of the 18 songs we had, whittled those down to 11 and spent 14 days recording them in 2014. Tom Dalgety (producer) mixed it a month or so later.

New album, new label (Amazing Record Co.). How was the cooperation?

MM: Really good so far...they seem to doing a killer job.

• Personally, I like every song on the new album. But one song really stands out, 'Good News is No Good News'. Do you agree?

MM: That's funny because I've been doing quite a few interviews now and everyone I spoke to has named a different song as their 'favourite''s a nice feeling! We always try and make sure every song is as good as possible, no fillers, so that's a good sign that the album is strong and different people are able to relate to it. And to answer the question, I do really like that song, it's got a lot of hooks and I love the guitar solo on it.

• Therapy? will soon be playing at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. Do you know that place? It's my favorite venue. How do you feel about playing there?

MM: We have played there many times and I think it's one of Therapy?'s favourite venues to play. We've had a lot of brilliant shows there, always sounds good and the atmosphere with the crowd is quite special.

• One of Flanders' best 'upcoming' bands will be opening for Therapy? Do you know them well? What do you think of them?

MM: I saw King Hiss live at Ruusrock festival last year and thought they sounded great. Good live performance so I think they are a good match for the AB show.

• Therapy? will be playing Paaspop, in April. Is it the intention to present the new album to the audience?

MM: Festivals are different as you normally have a shorter stage time and there are people there to see lots of different bands, so we never assume that they know our music. At a festival we try and just play the best songs the best we can, and of course that will include Disquiet tracks.

• Besides playing at Anciènne Belgique, can we expect Therapy? to come back for the (Belgian) festivals?

MM: I don't know of any plans as yet but if we are invited of course we will come.

• I remember seeing Therapy? at Rock Werchter. It was back in 1995 if I'm not mistaken. A contest was being held (together with The Offspring). The goal was to get the most crowd surfers. Who won?

MM: I didn't even know there was a contest! Erm...I reckon we 'won'.

• What do you prefer: clubs or festivals?

MM: Both are great and have very different vibes...normally clubs are a more intense sort of show as all the audience is there to see us. Festivals are more laidback and bit more chaotic but we react to that sort of thing pretty good as well.

-> See the band on the 6th april in Ancienne Belgique, Brussels.

• With the new album excluded, which Therapy?-record are you most proud of? (You can only choose one!)

MM: If it's only ONE I have to say Babyteeth as it was the 1st and without it nothing else would have happened.

• Besides Therapy?, I don't know too many bands from Northern Ireland. There's Thin Lizzy, Snow Patrol, Stiff Little Fingers and maybe Gama Bomb. Which other band(s) from Northern Ireland would you recommend us?

MM: Tonnes of great bands...old and new, the one's you've mentioned plus (I'm gonna miss loads so apologies!)...Ash, And So I Watch You From Afar, Robyn G Shiels, La Faro (RIP), Little Matador, Cashier No 9, Bleeding Rectum, Outcasts, Dutch Schultz, Darkest Era, The Answer, GOONS, VerseChorusVerse, Two Door Cinema Club, David Holmes, Axis Of, Rudi, Protex, Mojo Fury...there's far too many to list ;)

Thanks for the fine interview, see you guys at Ancienne Belgique , 6 april