Interview met Lovelorn Dolls (ENG)

  Tom V    17 februari 2015

Lovelorn Dolls has a new album, a new video clip and will perform at the Eurorock Festival (14-15-16/5/2015) … All great things and a good excuse to get in contact with them!

As starter: from where your bandname? What’s the philosophy behind it?

Ladyhell: Hi ! The first name for the band was “Lovelorn”. The first songs of the band were focused on the different forms of love (passion, friendship, hate, motherhood, …) and being lovelorn is also one way to live love… We changed the name of the band because there was already a band called “Lovelorn” and things were getting official because we just signed with Alfa Matrix. Philosophy behind the name sounds pretty serious, it’s more about an “imagery” of the doll. I’ve always been described physically as a doll, so it’s more kinda wink.

You are from Belgium, is it pretty hard to get noticed by the local papers, national television and radio stations?

Ladyhell: Yep. We don’t even try. They don’t care.
CC: fortunately, thanx to the internet we can reach some audience in other countries. Maybe we should play live through the internet…

You signed at A. Matrix a while ago, how does it feel? You are amongst big names.

Ladyhell: It feels good ! Very good ! After some difficult years, it was happening, and finally some recognition. When you are an artist, it’s important. You can’t navigate in the dark forever. Being a part of Alfa Matrix means more than being signed on a label: it’s being part of a big family, being recognized by your peers.

I run into you for the very first time with the huge compilation called Absolute grrls Manifesto, featuring lots of world famous bands, that must be a cool stepping stone?

Ladyhell: I love that compilation. That is indeed the kind of albums that are very important, to get known by a new audience.  We are also part of other very cool compilations, like the “Dark Ladies” compilations.
CC: we were also featured on several gothic compilations among huge bands this is something I did not expect when I started making music.

You recently launched a thrilling EP, ‘The Thrill’ a very catchy track that made me want more. How where the reactions?

Ladyhell: Reactions were wonderful! In the first album, we were going in every musical direction, and with that song, we made a clear statement: here is the direction we are gonna pursue now for the next album.
CC : The first version of this song was more guitar oriented but wanted to explore new ways and not doing a copy of House of Wonders.

And a new full album Japanese Robots. Who came up with the idea of the album name?

CC : As Ladyhell told you the initial name of the band was “Lovelorn”.  But there was already an Italian band called Lovelorn…  So we decided to change the name of our band to avoid confusion.  Several names came out and Japanese Robot Invasion was one of them but voted too… drastic… for a change.  Finally we decided to keep it as title for the next album.

The title track has something very catchy, with a little Regi feat Silver touch, what do you think of this description?
Ladyhell: I’m sorry, I have no clue who this is! Please enlighten me !!
CC : when I started to compose this track all I had was the name… Some images appeared in my mind : upbeat, catchy, Japanese… The result is exactly what I expected.  

Lyrically this album explores the dark side of humanity. Violence, sex, war and invasion, drugs, cancer, evil creatures … Is that what’s touching you/killing you in real life? Where do you find otherwise inspiration?

Ladyhell: I find inspiration in real life, and in books, movies, music I discover.
CC : No need to search in fantasy or horror themes to find evil things : reality is more terrible than all the rest….

Musically changed a bit your sound by working with Max Helalyn Official (Helalyn Flowers), how was this collaboration alike?

CC : It was pleasant and relaxed.  Max was like a member of the band : he added his own input in the songs and was really a “producer” and not a button pusher.  We worked through the internet and we took the time to make things right.  I really enjoyed this period.

Will you do something back? Or play one track together – one day – on stage?
Ladyhell: I would love that ! great idea ! I’m a fan of Helalyn Flowers, they were one of the reasons I wanted to join Alfa Matrix ! he he

The artwork was made by Natalie Shau, graphist of many Craddle of Filth covers, how did you get in touch? Can you tell us more about this collaboration?

Ladyhell: I’ve been searching for days on the internet for a drawing, or an image that would fit exactly what I had in my mind: something blue, with a little girl/doll, with a monster, with a gothic and manga feeling … and one day, I saw that image… perfect image… I had to search to find from who it was, and surprise ! It was from Natalie Shau. I had no idea if that image was available for us, so I took my chance and I contacted her. I have to say we were VERY lucky: it was free, it was an old artwork for her, and she agreed to give it to us. Image is as important as music for us, this image is so perfect for Lovelorn Dolls. I love it, I’m never bored of it.

You were also asked to bring a cover version of The Cure and choose for Just Like Heaven (a great version). Why this one, as it’s one of their most famous track and I can imagine that must have been putting a lot of pressure on you? Did you try to get in contact with them and ask for feedback?

Ladyhell: To be very honest, here is the whole story: I first wanted to cover “Love Song”. But the song was already taken by another band, so Bernard from Alfa Matrix suggested “Just Like Heaven”. There was no pressure at all, it’s one of the easiest track we worked on the album. We were very inspired by that song. When we make a cover, we like to make it original and special, there is no interest to give it the same feeling. We change the beat, we change the voice (male to female is perfect!), we change the instruments and here it goes!
We didn’t contact The Cure … Maybe we should?

Soon you’ll play at Euro Rock, how do you feel about it? Any special plans?
I noticed that a lot of bands from A. Matrix will perform at Eurorock, feels like a big chance for a big A. Matrix mash up of gathering on stage?

Ladyhell: We are very happy. Not too much pressure for the moment … we’ll see some days before the show… I don’t know if there will be Alfa Matrix surprises … we’ll see … can’t say much right now !!

How come we don’t see you much on stage?

Ladyhell: We are a band apparently difficult to place on a roster. Our genre is different. In Belgium, our music is not really the main attraction, people prefer pop rock, and yes, we have to fight to find our place. On the other hand, we also don’t want to play in bad conditions anymore, which is very restrictive. So we prefer to play less, but in nicer conditions.

Big plans for the rest of 2015?

Ladyhell: New songs, some gigs, new ep releases … The usual musician life :)
CC: I’ve planned to lose some weight, I hope I will succeed and be fit for the Eurorock hehe…

A last dream you want to realize?

Ladyhell: I just hope to go on, releasing good music with Lovelorn Dolls, and I’m also secretly working on a solo project, which I hope to make you discover this year…
CC: Being rich and famous and all those kinds of things (laughs).