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Dive – Underneath (Out of Line)

  Van Muylem    21 april 2017

It has been more than a decade since Dirk Ivens' project Dive released a new CD. Expectations arise sky high. I can tell you that Dirk has again teamed up with Ivan Iusco (who he worked with on Concrete Jungle) and Rafael M. Espinosa (his collaborator on Behind The Sun). The result is a mix o...

Trolls et Légendes 16/4/2017, Expo Mons: Wardruna, Acus Vacuum, Karolina Pacan & Hano-ah

  Van Muylem    17 april 2017

Today is the last day of this great festival. I have an interview appointment with Einar from Wardruna and a short meeting with Clive Standen aka Rollo from The Vikings. Apparently one will do the introduction for the other one as they know each other from the series …

Trolls et Légendes 15/4/2017, Expo Mons: Korpiklaani, Rastaban, Skeptical Minds & Ithilien

  Van Muylem    16 april 2017

Second day of this festival started for us with the most recent Saint Seya Movie and some signing sessions with people from this well known series from Japan. I see that kids and parents are very much into it and are basically into the whole Manga section here. Cosplay is also another important t...

Trolls et Légendes 14/4/2017, Expo Mons: Naheulband, Mago Yond & The Dolmen

  Van Muylem    15 april 2017

For the first year I managed to arrive a bit early as for me Friday is normally a working day . I immediately notice the new expansion of the festival that gets bigger and bigger: even outside of my hotel they placed a market and all around you can go to the external expositions: Manga or th...

Spoil Engine – Stormsleeper (Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast)

  Van Muylem    12 april 2017

Spoil Engine is a female fronted metal band from Belgium and exists more than ten years! Over the years they achieved a lot of beautiful things like touring with Megadeth and Fear Factory, played gigs at big festivals like Graspop, Masters At Rock, Pukkelpop, Suikerrock, Metal Female Voices fest,...

Rusalka Project (Album + Comic Book) – Rusalka (FYB Records)

  Van Muylem    11 april 2017

Rusalka Project is a story based on Polish Legends, story is told in the comic book and on CD album. The comic book has been realized by Alain Poncelet and Valérie Reniers. The music is performed by Karolina Pacan (vocals), Μichel Stiakakis (strings, all kind of sorts), Félix Pon...

Spoil Engine announces new single/videoclip: Doomed To Die

  Van Muylem    8 april 2017

We just received this message from the female fronted metal band from Belgium: 'Friends! Check out the brand new videoclip for our new single 'Doomed To Die'! Mind: it might get in your head; you will be singing that tune all day long! Crank it up real hard!

Unleash The Archers release first track and music video from their upcoming album!

  Van Muylem    8 april 2017

Cleanse The Bloodlines is the first track from their upcoming album Apex! This one is really going to get you banging your head!  With chest-thumping bass lines and penetrating guitar melodies, their newest release compels you to chant with fists raised high in the air "All hail heavy m...

Seven Kingdoms unveils new track from the upcoming new album!

  Van Muylem    8 april 2017

Seven Kingdoms have decided to release the track Castles In The Snow off of their upcoming album Decenium, their furious 10th band anniversary.

Principe Valiente launches new single with a cool video!

  Van Muylem    2 april 2017

After their outstanding self-titled debut album (2011) and the breathtaking subsequent album Choirs of Blessed Youth (2014), the Swedish post punk / shoegaze band lead by Fernando Honoratio, true to their vision, continues to carve out its own unique musical path.