Danish black n' roll band Angstskríg release debut single 'Lucifer Kalder'; featuring Frédéric Leclercq (Kreator, Dragon Force)

  Van Muylem    13 december 2020

Imagine a blackened sound that claws at your very soul, a powerful, intense, swirling mass of energy emanating from your speakers, like the coming of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse heralding the end of the world. Except there’s only two of them, and they hail from Denmark.

Angstskríg are a secretive duo, shrouded in mystery and who protect their anonymity fiercely but they are already able to boast a number of powerful allies from already established metal legends. Angstskríg’s debut single ‘Lucifer Kalder’ matches a dark beating heart with a rock n roll edge, death n’ roll if you will, that at once echoes the ghosts of those that have come before whilst equally demonstrating a clear vision of what is to come.

In the latter part of 2019, Angstskríg summoned, felt inspired and rapidly wrote their debut offering 'Skyggespil' (Danish for ‘shadow play’), which was recorded in Hikikomori Studio with producer Frederik Brandt Jakobsen at the helm. It was by his hand Angstskríg’s particular take on the Nordic sound took form. To, furthermore, give a very diverse album even more assorted flavors, the duo called upon gifted musical comrades to take part in the creation of 'Skyggespil' and, thereby, elevating the songs to new levels. In spring of 2020, to take necessary steps towards fulfilling their aspirations and meeting their expectations, the duo expanded their circle of trust with strong and crucial allies. In other words, the seeds of a fruitful future had been sown.

Yet, the story about Angstskríg took its beginning decades earlier, some time towards the end of the last millennium. From a young age the duo were taken under the wing of a common mentor, under who’s guidance they taught themselves how to play. How to perform. How to create. How to be artistically curious. How to express themselves. How to challenge boundaries and convictions. Although the steps in the very beginning were small, this marked the offset of the musical journey of the duo. Though life separated the two and took them down diverging paths, where one pursued the road of knowledge, the other a path of entertainment, they never lost touch, and the idea to reunite at some point remained prevalent. So after gaining a decade of invaluable experiences and due to their respective paths taking new dramatic turns, the time was ripe to create, what would become Angstskríg.

'Lucifer Kalder' is the first single of the upcoming album, featuring Frédéric Leclercq known from world-famous metal bands such as Kreator and DragonForceAngstskríg about the single; "Musically 'Lucifer Kalder' ('Lucifer is calling') is obviously the most upbeat and festive song on 'Skyggespil' with a magnifique solo by Fred Leclercq (Kreator, Sinsaenum, Loudblast, Amahiru). And since it's about the Dark Lord, the lyrical theme is pretty festive too." // Angstskríg

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