HELALYN FLOWERS – Àiresis (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    18 februari 2021

This female fronted Italian gang offers us a stunning 6th album inspired by the 80’s new wave, merging Electro Pop with Industrial Metal. Melodic synth orchestrations, hard hitting beat patterns and cutting edge guitars merge and sensational female vocals. For fans of LADYTRON, NIN, SIOUXSIE, CLAN OF XYMOX, or CRYSTAL CASTLES.

Halos is the first track. It’s a poppy 80’s New Wave minded track with cool vocals. The backings are whispering in your ears. Noemi proves once again that she has a great voice! Suicidal Birds mixes a great voice / some guitars with 80’s electronics. For some this will be an extatic trip into their youth. Rosso Atlantide is sung in her motherlanguage and reminds me of artists like Eros Ramazzotti, Toto Cutugno mixed with some Italodisco, … And in other words : sung by a women and with more guitars and really nice synths. I like the high tempo! We all know the catchy hitsingle already: Metropolis Necropolis. You should be able to sing along by now! Less catchy but also good is the guitar minded track called Reanimate.Cosmic Ants sounds moderner and goes more into the direction of Lady Gaga, but put on speed. Fleshy Robot goes a bit slower, but has a more erotic minded touch. Once again Lady Gaga is not far away. Skyland is a mix of pop, dreampop and a more rock minded track with heavenly vocals and guitars. Let’s go back to the 80’s and mix some guitars with it and keep it catchy and sexy, well, that’s: I Don't Like You. Last one starts with more synths, but once the vocals are on the tempo goes up. Yup: Some Kind Of Outer Minds is a good last track that keeps you into it until the very last note.