Post-Rock Collective GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT - New Album and Video just launched!

  Van Muylem    15 februari 2021

Reigning as one of the most well-known and highly critically acclaimed experimental instrumental groups out there with a respected musical legacy spanning nearly 20 years, Irish four-piece GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT reaches a career benchmark with the release of their 10th studio album, Ghost Tapes #10.

Album opener “Adrift” serves as a perfect introduction to Ghost Tapes #10GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT is celebrating their album release by unveiling a moving music video for the track, capturing the listener with challenging time signatures, a punk-esque bass line and an organic, raw sound that will draw them under the spell of the new album. After hearing introductory “Adrift”Ghost Tapes #10 becomes immediately unstoppable until its last note.
“Adrift” stands as a signature for the whole album, by unveiling many musical elements that can be found in multiple places throughout the whole album. The song was written in January 2020 and with the lack of touring ahead, opened up the possibility to experiment with pedals and amps, instead of using its digital equivalent. Movement is the overall theme, while raw guitar tones play a big part in the song.