TEMPERANCE - Melodies Of Green And Blue (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    15 februari 2021

I follow them since I saw them on stage and like their sound! With Covid-19 still blocking us all at home they choose to give us some acoustic tracks and unveil like this the naked beauty of their vocalists!

Paint The World sounds great and reminds me a bit of the acoustic hit from Mr. Big. It’s a song that heats you up and gives you hope in dark days. Evelyn impresses as a soulful ballad in which Alessia Scolletti, Michele Guaitoli and Marco Pastorino who prove their vocal finesse. So far the 2 new songs as the others are acoustic version taken from Viridian Those who are already used to har them in a symphonic metal jacket will be surprised in a positive way! Let It Beat sounds really melodic and warm, almost campfire minded. More warmth and love comes with the catchy version of I Am The Fire. Nanook goes a bit faster and has also some piano notes in it. Start clapping with your hands when you hear Start Another Round. I like the sound of the acoustic guitar whom almost sounds like a bass. My Demons Can’t Sleep contains more melancholia and a harder drive. Last one turned out to be a magical piano ballad: Gaia. It’s the perfect end for this acoustic intermezzo!