Funker Vogt – Element 115 (RepoRecords)

  Van Muylem    9 februari 2021

I saw them ages ago on stage and have been following them with one eye since then. After a long period of since they are back! Start prepping for the dancefloor!

Here’s some background info:

It's been 4 years since Chris L. picked up the abandoned microphone at Funker Vogt and the radio operators Gerrit Thomas, René Dornbusch and this very Chris L., made a tough statement about why they clearly belong at the spearhead of this scene. They can not and do not want to be quiet in 2021 either, and so on their new album "Element 115" they fire a lot of explosives into the masses.

The core of the topic is the theory of pre-astronautics, which in short implies, that the gods of mankind were extraterrestrial visitors and have been visiting the earth for thousands of years.

According to Bob Lazar, a former Area 51 scientist who made public appearances back in the 1980s by publishing secret information, the Element 115 is used to power a gravitational propulsion system with an antimatter reactor as its energy source. It is astonishing how detailed he describes his work in Area 51 and what he experienced there.

What If I’m Wrong starts with a lot of bombast and screaming (comes close to the early Das Ich, mixed with actual Front 242 live feel). The vocals are exactly as how I recall them. A good VNV Nation remix could change it into a smashing hit! Olympus is sung in German and is a typical Funker Vogt/foot stomping track! Abducted starts slowly, but with lot of pathos in it, until the electronic part awakens and turns it into a dancefloor filler! A.I. almost starts like a typical And One song, but gets more muscles after a while. This is again a possible dancefloor hit! Gaia sounds a bit softer and has a more 32Crash. To The Sun has a few lines in Spanish/Mexican and is a bit softer then the first songs. The song also has more light in it and less darkness and aggressivity. There is some English, but most of it is sung in German. Invasion is a catchy dancefloor filler with strong backings and will be for sure a great track to perform on stage (once it possible). This is one of the strongest tracks of the album! The Grey grows slowly and becomes before halfway a typical Funker Vogt track with the needed muscles and beats! Lost mixes melancholia with hard screams and good beats. The Wanting has a lower tempo, but sounds harsher on the vocal side. I Want To Believe has more beats and a very melodic touch, whilst it still tries to keep you dancing! Lost Kingdom is another dancefloor filler, with a And One touch and stomping beats. A Step Into The Dark is a slow one, telling a bit more of the story, whilst the music serves us the pathos and dramatic feel. The Fallen Race (Bonus Edit) I have no clue why it’s called the Bonus Edit, except that it’s the longest track I get. The song tells the story of this album. The music sounds a bit like Europop. To The Sun (Bonus Edit) gets an edited version and sounds a bit happier and more into synthpop. Some powered up EBM comes with God With Us. Gate Of The Gods sounds again like a dancefloor filler, they just changed the lyrics and the tone. More dancefloor bombing comes with the flashy How To Kill A God. Invasion (Bonus Edit) mixes a floating sound with beats and an up-tempo drive. Last one for me is We Believe (Bonus Edit) a positive note in the lyrics to end this epic album. For me it’s simply a party album about aliens, but the lyrics are not so important for those who just want to dance and miss the dancefloor sensation! And yes: this whole album is a dancefloor sensation! So thank you Funker Vogt for the great time!