Whispers In The Shadow - Distant Thoughts II (Soundcloud)

  Van Muylem    8 februari 2021

DISTANT THOUGTHS II is now available digitally as a Bandcamp exclusive and comes with a previous unreleased track, a wonderful remix of one of the most beloved songs from the last album, "Walk On The Mirror".

Walk On The Mirror (ChandeenBelow The Sun Remix) changes into a dreampop track of their own but kept the original vocals. It’s a remarkable version, almost like what David Bowie did with his live version of The Man Who Sold The World (also into dreampop). The I In The Void Echo Chamber Version By Martin Acid adds strings and makes it sound like a marching song.

Next one was already reviewed, so I just copy what I wrote about it in the previous review:

I'm Afraid of Americans has kept the deep bass from the original and the poignant lead guitar. The thing that sound different are Ahsley's vocals: they sound more angry and heavier and fits this version like as if written for him. It doesn't happen much, but this time I can say it overpassed the original (and yes: I'm a David Bowie fan). I hope to hear this song one day on stage in this version! The apocalyptic feel comes back to life with this one and the band really did a great job!

All Gloves Are Off (Album Outtake) has the focus on the acoustic guitar and has a very depressing sound. It feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I like the cowbell minded sound. I have a feeling this could also end up on the darkest The Cure album. The Brave And The Bold (Album Outtake) has a rambling bass and an eclectic feel. I feel a bit of a 70's sound in it (like in old black & white TV series). I think I can even see mister John Steed (with Emma Peel) passing by, hitting a vase and trashing a door. But it might be just my imagination! Passion Project (Martin Acid Recycle Remix) gets a bit of 80’s pop feeling in it with a slice of New Wave. The Commodore 64 bleeps in it are cool. Walk On The Mirror (Lazy Schulz Trip Inside Remix) has a strange sound on the vocals (as if sung in a bubble). I hear some retro computer touches on the vocals too. Forever 1985 (Ashley DayourNoNoNoNostalgia Remix) sounds indeed like a new version as if Ashley had his doubts about the original and thus making this one also very interesting and captivating (almost like hypnotizing you). The synth touches and guitar sound are just amazing. Adrift (Piano version by Herb Sinus) is an amazing new version and clearly shows that Ashley can also perform in a Jacques Brel/Marc Almond way! The story of one great band remixing the other comes with Passion Project (Ash Code Remix). I adore the fast tempo and the synths! The Futurist (Lazy Schulz Stargazer Remix) sounds good for a remix and carries some passion for the original version. I like the extra vocal touches! Last one is All Gloves Are Off (Martin Acid Burn In Hell Remix): again these strings and some more percussion. The song carries a ton of emotions.

It’s nice to have this one done, it gives another view on the latest album and explores it a bit deeper. I also heard some new influences and had a great time! Thank you Ashley Dayour!

Purchase/ listen here : https://whispersintheshadow.bandcamp.com/album/distant-thoughts-ii