Swedish duo POOLS share heartfelt ode to daughter

  Van Muylem    6 februari 2021

The latest addition to the Swedish musical pipeline is the charming americana duo, POOLS. The two-piece outfit is the collective vision of multi-instrumentalist Fredrik Forell and lead vocalist Arvid Hällagård. Reminiscent of bands such as The National and The Tallest Man On Earth, POOLS combine americana, folk and gospel to create something quite remarkable. POOLS marks the end of a journey for the pair, who used to function as the electro-pop group WYRES in addition to Arvid’s place within stoner rock band Greenleaf. However, it is also symbolic of their new beginning; the arrangements might be delicate, but their artistic intensity remains the same.

Their forthcoming album You & Us is a collection of poignant and haunting lullabies that landscape themes of loss and rumination, inspired by the divorce Arvid was going through as the album was taking shape. With the release of their debut record on the horizon, POOLS share their latest track ‘Looking For Trouble’ following the tender outpour of their last single ‘Walk’.

Pondering the future, ‘Looking For Trouble’ is a soft ballad, crafted by gentle piano, brushed snares and hearty vocals, detailing the prospects that could lie ahead for Arvid’s daughter. He says the track is about “…how when she gets older will go out to some bar and dance her way through the night, looking for trouble, which is actually the love that we all need and crave.” 

‘Looking For Trouble’ is out now via Something Beautiful. 

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