Kiberspassk - release new video & single 'Liho'

  Van Muylem    3 februari 2021

Kiberspassk enrich Industrial with Russian folklore, creating a unique and angst-ridden sonic sound. The new single 'Liho' is a song about a mythical creature of Slavic mythology, named Liho One-eyed. In East Slavic mythology, the personified embodiment of the evil, dashing, unhappy fate. When applied to a person, it plunges him into despondency and feeds on negative emotions. In some legends, it is said that Liho snatches from a person all his joyful memories and cheerful feelings. The lyrics of the song are based on an old Russian proverb that says, "do not wake up the Liho while it is quiet," states Kiberspassk frontwoman Baba Yaga. 

Kiberspassk about the video shooting of 'Liho': “The video was shot in an old abandoned Soviet hospital in the Omsk region. After we began to edit the video, we found more people than actually participated in the shooting…” 

The fact that the music includes solitary and haunted elements is no coincidence: “The Kiberspassk project is named after a small dying village, "Kiberspoassk", located 15 kilometers from our house.”  Kiberspassk perform a completely fresh, atmospheric, and exciting brand of Industrial, injecting a sharp, frosty bite into a genre where true innovation has been a rarity these days. The first single of Kiberspassk 'Derevna' is as well taken from the upcoming album, which will be released worldwide by Out Of Line Music in spring and first appeared on the sampler "Electrostorm" Vol. 9.