SOLAR FAKE: new single & video 'It's who you are' is live now! "Enjoy Dystopia" releases on February 12th.

  Van Muylem    3 februari 2021

"We've already played 'It's Who You Are' live at our Corona Summer Open Airs. The individual 'home scenes' we each filmed separately, except for a few scenes we captured while shooting "This Pretty Life", recounts Sven Friedrich, "and of course, the clip is an exaggeration of the image of what everyone probably has of our private life through our podcast. The song itself is about unpleasant and slimy people who permanently try to manipulate their environment." 

Three years after the release of "You Win. Who Cares?" the new Solar Fake album "Enjoy Dystopia" will finally be released on the 12th of February. 

"Enjoy Dystopia" will be released in different formats. As CD, as a 2-CD digipak, as a limited 2-LP, and as well as a strictly limited box including the digipak, the exclusive acoustic CD "Masked", cell phone holder, band photo, a wallet and a silicone wristband. But that's just the beginning: three randomly selected boxes will include a "Golden Ticket". Within this "Golden Ticket" the winner and a companion can experience an entire concert day with Solar Fake, from the moment of their arrival at the venue to the moment of the departure, including catering and an overnight stay following the concert. A very special day with an exceptional band.

Solar Fake:
Sven Friedrich (vocals)
André Feller (keyboards, bass)
Jens Halbauer (drums)


CD 1:
1. At Least We‘ll Forget
2. I Despise You
3. This Pretty Life
4. Arrive Somewhere
5. Es geht dich nichts an
6. It‘s Who You Are
7. Trying Too Hard
8. Implode
9. Just Leave It
10. Wish Myself Away

CD 2:
1. Join Me In Death
2. Where Is My Mind
3. Es geht dich nichts an (Faelder Remix)
4. Implode (Blutengel Remix)
5. Arrive Somewhere (Solitary Experiments Remix)
6. This Pretty Life (Iris Remix)
7. I Despise You (Massive Ego Remix)
8. Trying Too Hard (Dunkelsucht Remix)
9. At Least We‘ll Forget (Backline Remix by Blood & Tears)
10. It's who you are (Random Starlight Remix)
11. I despise you (Vintage Remix by NAN)
12. At least we'll forget (Uplifting Emotional Mix by Anja & Alex)
13. It's who you are (Ost+Front Remix)
14. Just leave it (Lord of the Lost Version)

1. I despise you (Piano Version)
2. This pretty life (Acoustic Version)
3. Arrive somewhere (Acoustic Version)
4. Implode (
5. Just leave it (Piano Version)
6. It's who you are (Acoustic Version)
7. Wish myself away (Acoustic Version)