Alt-rock trio REACH release new single 'New Frontier' - the speech a commander gives his troops before a final battle.

  Van Muylem    3 februari 2021

By releasing a series of singles this year, Reach has been defining the start of a new musical era and let their listeners into the alluring, ghostlike and gritty world they create around their upcoming new album that will be released this spring. Now releasing their new single New Frontier, they are challenging their listeners by showcasing next level of the experimental songwriting and powerful storytelling that is Reach.

New Frontier is a song written as a final epos, the speech a commander gives his troops before the final battle. Releasing their new single, Reach leads their listeners into an era of explosive intimacy with songs wrapped in a veil of mystery and playfulness telling stories about love, death and emotion in severe conflict with each other.

Giving a comment on the upcoming release Ludvig Turner, the singer, guitar player and songwriter of the band says: ”I grew up watching Star Wars, Lord of the Rings,Independence Day - kinds of movies. I absolutely loved them and I still do. I find these epic wars and powerful eve-of-battle speeches strangely inspiring. New Frontier was the last song recorded for The Promise of a Life and it made so much sense that it would be written as the final epos. Put Aragorn on a robotic horse shooting laser beams from his sword and that's what I see before my eyes when I listen to this chorus! The verses are my speech to the soldiers before the final battle. This is one of the more challenging songs to perform off the album but we look forward to playing this live due to its epicness.”

Over the past year, Reach has committed to hand-picking their team to perfection, now consisting of their manager Eric Grönwall (Hagenburg), the Stockholm based boutique label Icons Creating Evil ArtChris LeMon (Triffid And Danger) on live booking in the Scandinavian countries and Jörg Düsedau (Dragon Productions) in the rest of Europe. With a detailed album plan they have joined forces for a new start and a comprehensive international venture of the band.

The alternative rock band Reach was founded in 2012 and is a power trio consisting of Ludvig Turner, Marcus Johansson and Soufian Ma´Aoui. During their eight years as a band, they have released albums praised by critics and met audiences from stages around Europe. Reach is defined by strong melodies and original songwriting - they are keen to constantly be under development and chasing a sound that is exciting and unique.

The band members playfulness and mutual trust gives the trio freedom to offer explosive, intimate live shows with a lot of free improvisation. Before the pandemic breakout in 2020, Reach gave a sold out show at Fryshuset, Stockholm with rock bands H.E.A.T and Chrashdïet followed by a performance at Trädgårn, Gothenburg. In 2021 they embark on an extensive European tour with H.E.A.T and supported by Temple Balls. Out on the roads they bring an explosive repertoire full of new songs.

New Frontier is released January 29 on Icons Creating Evil Art.