The Brides of the Black Room paints a dark post-futuristic and cinematic world with their new EP

  Van Muylem    2 februari 2021

The Brides of the Black Room is an artistic collective existing for the sole purpose of serving our eternal Mother. The harder the outside world has tried to destroy, the harder the collective has become. For every blow, they have grown stronger. The voice of the debut track 'Ambulance' was Ginger Khan, AKA Tom Åsberg (formerly of the acclaimed Swedish band Priest). He tells us: “In the vast nothingness that is existence even pure unhinged chaos sometimes needs direction. For the time being I´ve found mine right here in the black room”.

On sophomore single ‘All That I Have Left of You is Missing’, Ginger Khan is back on lead vocals, but this time we encounter a new voice alongside his powerful presence. Former pop-phenomenon Cilia steps out of the shadows to deliver this dramatic duet, and makes a surprising comeback to her earlier pop career. As a bright young beacon of hope on the pop-star sky in 2015 and 2016, Cilia was soaring high on the streaming charts and claiming the attention of several international pop blogs the likes of PopJustice.

After revealing the identities of two more exciting building stones of the collective, Carolina Lindahl (previously of The Operating Tracks) and Lea Alazam (singer in Besvärjelsen and former livedrummer of REIN) the collective is now ready to release their debut EP carrying the same name. The EP includes the previously released singles accompanied by two new tracks, painting a dark post futuristic and cinematic world with dramatic synth landscapes and lyricism of hurt, loss and empowerment.

As a contrast to the dreamy yet knife-cuttingly sharp soundscapes of ‘Ambulance’ and ‘All That I Have Left of You is Missing’, a new take on the latter in ‘Queendom’  brings the darkness that seeps through the collective to the forth ground. The track paints a picture of doom in a symphony of foreboding electronic sounds, while the calm-after-the-storm limbo of 'Lilith' tells us of how strength may conquer over suffering. "I’ll take the pain and wear it like a crown".

The Brides of the Black Room will drop their new EP on all platforms January 29, 2021 via Icons Creating Evil Art.