London After Midnight – Live From Isolation (Darkride Records)

  Van Muylem    2 februari 2021

The year 2020 was supposed to be a year of heavy touring for London After Midnight, with festivals and events in the UK, Europe, Mexico, and the US. But the pandemic shut down live performances worldwide and forced most of the world's population into lock down. So, during the summer of 2020 a "live" album was recorded - where the band got together online and recorded and mixed live performances, thousands of miles apart from each other and in isolation, performing the songs as they would in concert. The goal wasn't a perfect studio album, but rather something that captured a live concert experience.

They start with Your Best Nightmare an excellent start and one of my favourite ones from LAM. You can hear the melancholia, the horror touch and it sounds like a live set, but without an audience and with a great technical surrounding. Claire’s House follows up almost automatic (the synth makes it almost glide from one song to the next one). I miss the visuals and being in front of Sean Brennan.Psycho Magnet is another hit from the past and still sounds fresh and powerful. Just listen to the synth, the vocals and the guitars! Another of my favourite ones is Demon: feel the pathos, the darkness and the melancholia … Where Good Girls Go To Die is another great one taken from the Psycho Magnet album. I call it a typical gothic horror rock track like only London After Midnight can craft it! According to me the next one is their biggest hit and I also used to play it when I was still a DJ: Kiss. I called it back then the gothic version of Nine Inch NailsCloser. Even my 6 year old daughter was singing along! I think that says enough, right? With the next song we go more into a political direction and sadly until shortly also hard reality: America’s A fucking Disease (take out from Violent Acts of Beauty, 2007). So don’t think he wrote this song especially for Trump! Feeling Fascist? Is taken from the same album and goes way faster, it’s a real rocker with poignant lyrics! A catchy one with sharp lyrics is Revenge. I love this new version and can’t wait to see them in real life on stage! Last one is yet another of my favourite tracks and is a perfect end to this great live set: Sacrifice. Listen to the real gothic rock feel, the melancholia, the darkness, the desperation …

Yes: I miss them, really hard and hope to see them when COVID-19 or any variant of it has gone and we all got vaccined!

Followed by some commercials from 1990 to 1995.

“Live From Isolation” is available on CD and digital from,, Amazon, iTunes,, MediaMarkt, Saturn, Müller, and many more.

The next studio album, "Oddities Too" was scheduled to be released in Autumn of 2020 but finishing that album required travel in order to mix and do final recording, that’s a no go in COVID-19 time, so it will be postponed until later in 2021.