Nervosa – Perpetual Chaos (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    18 januari 2021

The newly staffed quartet showcases their ability for impetuously feral, pungently sharp riffs and aggressive vocals on 13 massive tracks. The new line up – featuring founding guitarist Prika Amaral and talented new members Diva Satanica on vocals, Mia Wallace on bass and Eleni Nota on drums – delivers a massive punch of thrash spliced with remarkable death metal assaults. The powerful new formation of NERVOSA adds a contemporary touch to this already thrashing institution of metal.

When I made my daughter, who’s 6 years old, listen to some tracks from this brand-new album she couldn’t believe me when I told her these are all women and that the vocals, she hears are all done by women. I’m frankly not sure if one would be able to notice it on certain tracks. But the energy and the rage are as pure as what I’m used to hear with Arkona for example. These ladies are enraged jaguars, whirlwinds, beasts … And I love it!

Lyrically, they don’t hesitate to tackle issues that impact the very core of society as we know it. From political grievances and amplifying the voices of minorities to protesting against factory farming, capitalism and succumbing to the ill-informed musings of social elites - these commanding women do not mince words.

Venomous is the opening track and explodes from the first notes. This is first class Trash powered and speeded up metal! It all goes fast and hard! It’s clear that the fresh blood is helping. This song screams for live performances! Guided By Evil takes some time before it all really starts, but once it does it’s a screaming hot track with good lyrics! I also like the guitar play and the bass. People Of The Abyss is what I would call a regular Nervosa track with a cool ending. Until The Very End is a nice song with a lot of variation and an overall lower tempo as what I’m used from them but it’s a real good track. Genocidal Command is a fresh bomb that will be for sure loved by the fans! It’s one of their best tracks on this album: hard and heavy and straight forward with no bullshit! Schmier (DESTRUCTION) joins Diva Satanica for a trash metal duel on vocal level. Kings Of Domination could also be a power combat metal mixed with some trash metal. It’s really a fuelled track, you can smell the smoke! But it’s also about meat consumption and what happens with the meat before you eat it. They kindly ask you to watch this video whilst listening to the song:

Slaughterhouse. What the meat industry hides. // Documentary film. - YouTube

Time for more rebellion comes with Time To Fight. It’s yet another pearl, with a great guitar solo.Godless Prisoner nicely mixes screaming, grunting with something that comes close to clean vocals. It’s sharp and goes hard! Blood Eagle is a way of punishing somebody. I saw it for the first time whilst watching Vikings and it was bloody disgusting! They make wings from your lungs and wait until you die. The song is a s raw and hard as the title! Rebel Soul will be for sure a hit on stage and might even become an internet hit if pitched in the right way. They got some vocal help from Erik "AK" Knutson (off Flotsamand Jetsam) and gives it that extra push. Pursued By Judgement sounds like as if the 4 horseman are coming for you and they call themselves Nervosa! Last track is Under Ruins is a song about poverty and having no future because of having nothing, just some glue to sniff. It’s a last hard and heavy one! The final blow!

This is a bomb! No fillers, only hits and future hits! It’s all sharp, hard, fast and fresh, raw … and I adore the way they wrote the lyrics! They are a must read, just as this album is a must buy! Congratulations!