Wound Collector – Depravity (self-release)

  Van Muylem    11 december 2020

Wound Collector is a band from Belgium and they describe themselves like this: Epic death metal with a historical twist and a demented saxophone. It’s their second album (I missed their first one). As I’m most of the time open to new and innovating stuff …

They open with Death By Guillotine. The sax is indeed very much in the front and gives it a special touch. I like the vocals and the global sound. It’s a positive surprise (yet again as I just reviewed the new Miley Cyrus). War And Slaughter In Your Holy Name almost sounds like a classic death metal track with hammering drums and sharp guitars, but the sax adds this little extra jazzy feel. I can almost describe it as Jazz Death metal. I have to remind myself not to send this toe Fleddy Melculy (who hates Jazz, just like Johnny). I even hear some clean vocals (hence they really sound good). In the past I was used to hear them when I heard Dog Eat Dog playing (remember: Who’s The King). No God Without Terror sounds like a great title and has everything that a good death metal track needs and on top that typical sax. You can hear some screams, grunts, … This must be a good song to perform on stage!

Seduced Into Depravity has a cool clip and if you know that the singer is the same guy who also plays the sax then I really start to think on how he will do that on stage. It must be hard for his lungs and he must have a strong body too! It’s clear that Peter Verdonck is a very talented guy! Next to him we also have Guy Van Campenhout who does some backings, so that might be a solution to keep it doable on stage!

Inherit The Crown reminds me a bit of Morphine as the sax has more bass this time. The piano fragment is also a nice passage (for sure in combination with the clean vocals). In Flanders Fields has a cool bass, hits hard and might even become a classic metal track. Jazz haters are getting served with the sax solo combined with the heavy guitar sound.

Execution In Chaos sounds like a full hardcore metal track, with some slices of a sax and a deep bass and hammering drums. The vocals are great and I can confirm that I can still listen to it until the end, however I start to feel a bit strange as the sax keeps on coming just when not expected. They really use it as a booster and that is great and surprising!

Royalty Achieved By War sounds really hard and some of the vocals sound like as if one is slaughtering pigs. This must be heaven for hardcore and death metal fans! The last one gives us a gigantic mosh pit: The Merovingian Defeat. It’s an excellent last track!

It was fun to do, for once. I’m just not sure If I can handle more, but I did review this one and listened to all the tracks (more then once). I love the variation, the sound, the lyrics, the way it all got worked out … Thumbs up!