Van Muylem    29 november 2020

We are pleased to announce ten new bands today, including one headliner: Epica! They’re dropping a new album next February with ‘Omega’ and as things stand right now they will be stopping off at Alcatraz in August to introduce their new slab of symphonic metal to our inmates.

As announced earlier, the addition of Vio-lence, Exodus and Artillery will further strengthen the impressive contingent of thrash acts on the bill. Old hands Raven and LOUDNESS_OFFICIAL both issued their maiden album in 1981 and they’re looking forward to celebrating 40 years in metal at Alcatraz. Another band that flies the flag for traditional metal are Canadian heavy metallers Unleash The Archers , spearheaded by striking frontwoman Brittney Slayes. What about death metal, you ask? Check! Hailing from Denmark,BAEST are a young and promising death metal outfit that brings to mind the likes of Bloodbath, Dismember and Bolt Thrower. A must-see! For Fleddy Melculy it’s been an unlucky year - a miserable year even! Having the release of your new record coincide with the Covid-19 outbreak, resulting in the cancellation of two dozen concerts is not exactly the ideal promo tour for a band. But Fleddy & Co took the bull by the horns: they launched a series of successful singles and found new slots in 2021 for all cancelled shows. Alcatraz is also on Fleddy’s itinerary and rest assured: Kortrijk will never be the same. Last but not least we also have Icelandic beauty in the offing with SÓLSTAFIR . Their highly unconventional post-rock/metal is rare and it gives us great pleasure to welcome this unique band to Alcatraz 2021.

❗ TICKETS: www.alcatraz.be/en/tickets❗

πŸ‘‰πŸ» The early-bird campaign (i.e. fourth or extra day for free) for combi tickets has been extended. The end date will be announced at a later time but well before the campaign ends.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Day tickets will not be available until sometime next year, subject to the announcement of the remaining three headliners.

πŸ“£ More bands to be announced soon! πŸ“£

Alcatraz Festival takes place on 12, 13, 14 & 15 August 2021 at the event location of sports campus Lange Munte in Kortrijk, Belgium - circumstances permitting, of course!