GROOVENOM - new track-by-track video starring Mr. Sanz now featured on Out Of Line Music TV!

  Van Muylem    20 november 2020

Groovenom is what some call the harder side of Rammstein. More metal and yet a more melodic sound, mixed with some melancholy and some harder parts.

New track-by-track video starring Mr. Sanz about the new album "Mitten ins Herz", now featured on Out Of Line Music TV!

Watch the second part with Mr. Sanz from GROOVENOM here: 
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"Mitten ins Herz" is an epic, modern metal album with influences from Core and carries the roots of the band into a modern era by introducing fresh influences. Listen/order here:  

"The heaviest love songs of all times" - this is how the band describes their new album and hits the bull's eye. Driving guitars, furious drumming, and angry screaming shouts dominate the album. But also expressive solos, melancholic lyrics, and emotionally clear vocals make their mark on the album. "Mitten ins Herz" is the harshest and at the same time most catchy GROOVENOM album to date," confirms frontman Mr. Sanz, "we have musically reached a new level in terms of heaviness and brutality, fitting to the rather raw production.”  

“We can finally present to you our new album "Mitten ins Herz" in full length! 14 tracks packed with rage, pain, sorrow, and hope. Born in the midst of this bewildering and frustrating time, working on this album was a challenge for us and both trauma and therapy in one. "Mitten ins Herz" is an unembellished reckoning with the dream of true love and, at the same time, the unconditional desire for it. It has become our heaviest, but also most personal album and we are very proud to finally share it with you.”


In addition to some instrumental tracks, frontman Mr. Sanz shares the vocals with guitarist Tightuz for the first time. "Mitten ins Herz" thrives on its many interesting contrasts. The album was recorded in the midst of the Corona pandemic and is thus trauma and therapy all in one for the band. With exquisite guest vocalists including Christoph Wieczorek, Neill Freiwald, and Vanessa Katakalos there are three more surprising tracks on the album. "Mitten ins Herz" describes subjects like desire, sex, greed, addiction, and loss in an extremely biting and cynical way. An absolutely unembellished reckoning of the dream of true love and at the same time unconditional desire for it. The lyrics sway between furious rage and yearning grief. There have never been songs about love and passion performed in such a wicked way before.


Mr. Sanz - Vocals
Tightuz - Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizer
Dr. Ronald Warmachine - Drums
Fred Cube - Bass

01. Deine Liebe
02. Neid
03. Du bist es wert
04. Vergiftet
05. Warum weinst du?
06. Ich bin
07. Defekt
08. Nüchtern
09. Ein Name
10. Das Beste
11. 40 Sekunden
12. Käfig aus Glas
13. Lauf Weiter
14. Ein neuer Tag