Silentium - Motiva (Out of Line Music)

  Van Muylem    30 augustus 2020

I checked their newest video and loved it. Since they also released a full album at same time I decided to review it directly. Silentium is a female fronted metal band from Finland with some symphonic metal and some some Gitan influences too. Take some time to discover them!

They start with a song called Truth and honestly it's not the strongest song on the album. To me it sounds as if still searching for the right angle and the vocals sound a bit unsure (for sure during the more fragile parts). I can hear great potential but it's as if this song comes a bit too early in their career. I like the classic instruments and the piano part. The mix is good. Towards the end the song reaches it real potential and blooms out completely! Unchained starts with roaring guitars and a heavier sound, with a geste of symphonics in the background. I would have worked a bit more on the vocals in the beginning of the track. It feels a bit like Riina is a diesel and needs each time a minutes before getting under steam and fully prepped. Vow sounds like a typical female fronted symphonic metal track: hard parts mixed with more softer / fragile parts. You can feel the pathos. It's the best track so far. Safer-Easier brings in more melo-drama. It's a cool track that will for sure leave a good feeling once performed on stage. Vortex is a powerful symphonic metal track powered up by strong male vocals and screams.Shame is the track that dragged me into their sound and it's simply the best track on the album: the passion, the real life story, the sound, the vocals: it all fits like a handmade and personalized glove!

Circle puts the focus on guitars and drums. Halfway the vocals take over and give it a typical Serbian/Gitan touch. Tide starts a-capella and will give you some goosebumps. It's also the longest track on the album: 11.24! It's a song that evolves slowly and becomes more and more energetic and powered up, but it goes in waves. I like the symphonic sound and the extra male vocals. Sometimes a bit bombastic, but always great! Last track (yes there are only 9 tracks!) is: Friend. It's just music and those kind of tracks are not my cup of tea.

Well it's a nice discovery. All in all the album is worth reviewing it and I will for sure try to follow this band and who knows even one day see them on stage!