The new shocking but all too real video of Silentium takes up the domestic violence topic!

  Van Muylem    28 augustus 2020

Silentium is a female fronted Finnish metal band. They just released their newest album and promote it with a raw video about bad things in real life situations!

Today Silentium celebrate the release of their album “Motiva” and their new video ‘Shame’! 

Metal "made in Finland" is bound up with certain expectations that can be both a blessing and a burden for any band hailing from the far north. Foremost on this list is a penchant for bittersweet melancholy and strong emotions. Not far behind this dark streak comes a seemingly easy aptitude to deliver catchy melodies that contrast nicely with crunchy riffing. Silentium manages to check all these boxes and still emerged with their very own sound from the beginning. 

Singer Riina Rinkinen states: "The song Shame is about having to carry your responsibility of choices that weren't good for you and the shame of failing to stand one's ground. It's a break-up song, full of self-loathing.”

“As we know, love is a violent game and so is the video for this song. I had this intense little horror story of a toxic, cyclic relationship in my head that I thought fit the song perfectly. Getting the story on film, however, was an insanely ambitious project with our limited resources and the general COVID situation, but I'm glad Juha Hanhinen of John La Hanhi Productions was up for the challenge."

“While the entire production crew did a fantastic job and deserve all possible credit, I must give special recognition to our actors Sara Rantanen and Marko Nurmi who keep the viewer in their hold with their very real and raw performances.” - Riina / Silentium