Suicide Commando - Dein herz, meine gier / Bunkerb!tch (Out Of Line Music)

  Van Muylem    15 augustus 2020

Just before the release of the re-recorded Mindstrip album the legendary Suicide Commando launches a new EP with 2 reworked tracks and 2 new tracks! Be ready to dance and scream along! There are only 999 copies available, so hurry to get your copy!

Dein herz, meine gier (REanimate 2020) got a futurepop touch and sounds a bit lighter and less dangerous as the original. It's a dancefloorfriendly version but I miss the more agressive parts. Blood in face (first aid mix) sounds indeed 20 years younger than the original and indeed much better. The tempo could have been boosted a tiny bit more and a bit lesser metallic effects on the vocals (raw and demonic would have sound a bit better). The bleeps/electronics are so much better, so still: great job on this one! Bunkerb!tch sounds like how modern hellektro sound sound like and is the reason why Suicide Commando has such a huge influence on actual bands active in the same genre! This song alone is worth a single and worth featuring the album charts! Last track is Belief is a slow one in which Johan Van Roy sets out his idea's about belief.

Well it's a small taster for what's coming up and I can't wait to ge it and explore the new sound!

You can Pre-Order the limited single here


01 Dein herz, meine gier (REanimate 2020)
 02 Blood in face (first aid mix)
 03 Bunkerb!tch
 04 Belief


Just for old times sake: