New Single for Technomancer via Subculture Records!

  Van Muylem    14 augustus 2020

Alexandria J. Digre leaves us a new single called I Want You Back (5 versions) + another new track. If you enjoy retro synt pop this is your thing!

First version of I Want You is the single edit. It's a very romantic track, but the loved one is so far away at the moment. The beats and electronic drums sound pretty cool. It's actually one of the best Technomancer tracks so far! Next is the Echo Image Remix that ads a cool oho backing touch that reminds me a bit of the cult hit from Sabrina (Boys). The music has somehow an And One touch (Technoman), but only in the chorus part and some other minor parts. It's a pretty cool remix! The Bounce Daddy Remix is a strange remix with a strong ping pong sound and a bigger focus on the electronic bleeps. The Zone Tripper Remix gives it more synths, more echo feel and more electronic drums. Last one is the extended remix, for fans of extended versions! Last track is Airborn: a soft and dreamy kind of a track. You almost feel like floating.

Technomancer is back and how! It's the best single so far and I have been following Technomancer by now for ages!