AD:KEY - Herz Lass Los (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    15 juli 2020

Before launching their next Resonanz sonic assault, the Berlin-based duo AD:KEY serve us their new 7-track EP! Be ready to party and enjoy the bits of retro sound and remixes that invite you to dance even more!

Herz Lass Los is a catchy danceable electronic tune with German lyrics that rapidly grows on you and evokes the early days of a band like AND ONE, :WELLE:ERDBALL, FRONT 242 or yet NITZER EBB (the real retro sound) with its distinctive old school bass lines and viciously addictive melody entirely written with analog synthesizers to emphasize the retro charm of the song. Der Letszte Tanz is the perfect companion to this song with its straight forward EBM style and highly melodic minimal synth lines, the whole dominated by a superb male / female vocal duality by Rene and Andrea Nowotny.

AD:KEY enjoyed toying with both songs and here deliver 3 additional and radically different versions of both songs while German electro wave ALPHAMAY (not really my style) and Peruvian EBM heroes, MONÖCHROME (goes for the And One touch and for sure coming close to Technoman with Herz Lass Loss and same goes for the Dritter mix) both contributed with an alternative remix of Herz Lass Loss.

So yes: people who love retro sound and love to dance will enjoy this one, however it’s clear that And One was big inspiration for this EP! I’m not sure what And One thinks about it …


01 herz lass los (single-version)

02 der letzte tanz (single-version)

03 herz lass los (alternativ-mix)

04 der letzte tanz (ep-mix)

05 herz lass los (remix by Alphamay)

06 herz lass los (remix by MonöChrome)

07 herz lass los (dritter mix)