Mildred in Oblivion launches first clip!

  Van Muylem    10 mei 2020

Mildred in Oblivion is the new project of Jan Dewulf (Mildreda, Diskonnekted) aka J. Wolf (Your Life On Hold). The music is dark and scary, almost like what I would call typical Cold Meat Industry music!

The clip is based on pictures made by Zsolt T. Szajbely. Enjoy this dark ambient never ending nightmare!

We quote him hereby: 

"Sounds from the darkest, nameless regions of the human soul - and subconscious - love letters to the eternal Night, written with blood and tears. Essentially, you made a horror movie with sounds. Hauntingly beautiful and creepy: one of the most original and uncompromising project of the last few years. Seems like everything being touched by you, sooner or later will turn to golden! M.i.O.'s ways into the heart of the darkness, will stay with us through our dreams - or nightmares? MASTERPIECE! (And thank you again for this absolutely honorable collaboration!)"