SynthAttack - Dirty Dark Electro [EP] (darkTunes Music Group)

  Van Muylem    27 november 2019

The music comes from a German duo. They make as the title says it dirty dark electro and with this EP it sounds as if they created their own anthem!

So imagine: dark electro/techno sounds, a women whispering something dirty and a devil screaming something (like Suicide Commando). It's a heavenly idea if you like this kind of music. The sexy tone helps, for sure! It's party time and clearly will be their own anthem!

Loss Of Realty 2.0 is another version of their earlier hit taken from their debut album Club Takeover. To me it sounds a bit too much like a bad Suicide Commando remake with a much too slow tempo.

They end with the Suppressor RMX of the titletrack. It also sounds great, gets more into techno and pumped up the sexy tone and blowed up the develish side. It all sounds harder and faster and like reworked for clubland.

However I more and more dislike this genre I can say I had fun listening to it and can even say I actually liked it and that is a big thing! So thumbs up!