King’s Rage – EP Wave (M & 0 Music)

  Van Muylem    27 januari 2019

King’s Rage is a Belgian band from Quaregnon (Mons). They mix great styles like: rock, hardrock, rockstoner and heavy metal whilst keeping a melodic sound lead by a great singer! They will perform the 4th of May at Kraken Rock Metal Fest in Ittre!

They know each other since childhood and decided in 2017 to start up their own band and called it King’s Rage:

-Ludo vocals ex-Prophecy, Vendeta and Coming Slow

-Alex drums ex-Tribal Council, SFG, Korail, Coming Slow, Me and My Friends

-Chris guitar ex-Prophecy and Vendeta

-Angelo guitar ex-Vendeta, SFG ad Coming Slow

-Remy bass ex-Thousands of pieces..

In January 2018 they launched an explosive clip in collaboration with the Belgian MMA (European Beatdown), check the clip underneath!

They start their EP with Try To Be A Nice Girl: a rolling rocker with a fat sound and vocals that will remind you of Nickelback. They really sound so good that you think they are used to play in large stadiums in front of at least 100.000 fans. I Need All The Time explodes from the start and is for sure a hit on stage! I can see the arms getting up and the fans scream whilst others start to crowdsurf. Blind Dog sound really good: melodic, powerful and catchy! I like the drive and the spirit, just as the smoking guitars! They close with No Pain No Gain and that’s literally a bomb track: fuelled with adrenaline and a perfect track to perform on stage! It’s a catchy rager with enough change for the crowd to participate and take over the backings!

I must say the surprized me in the best possible way and now I just can’t wait until I see them on stage!

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