Svarta Sanninger EP Kapitel 1

  Van Muylem    30 november 2018

Klas Bohlin, known from Beseech launches a new project: the first EP Kapitel 1 (Chapter 1) of Svarta Sanningar, is the result of a seance that took place during a Research Conference in November 2017. The proceedings of this show that it is now time to realize the power of the Pentagram (Pentragrammet). That the Demon (Demonen) must be brought to life. That there are risks of performing after-death Experiments (Experimentet), and that primitive methods such as Necromantics (Nekromantik) can be the key to life, when death is your given path.

Svarta Sanningar (Black Truths) is a secret order formed by a group of doomsday contractors, misunderstood scientists and occultists. To express their mission, they have chosen the most dangerous form of hard rock (yes, you read right…) where they preach the truth about the forces of darkness.
The first EP Kapitel 1 is based upon a series of reality-based events that occurred on the 30th of November in 1977 at 04.09 am. It´s a story of screams, horror and devilry ridden by ritual killings and skimmers. 41 Years later, 30th November 2018, the fall of the earth awaits. At last, it is time to distance ourselves from forgiven religions and see death as a new way of life. Of course, we want to celebrate this by the release of Kapitel 1 that will be available on Spotify and other digital platforms.

So far some words about the origin and the story. It starts with the occult sign Pentragrammet. I would still describe it as a logic follow-up to Beseech, but only with Klas’ vocals. The sound is soft and sweet, but without knowing the story of this song or understanding Swedish you literally have no clue and you would simply nod your head and play it whilst your kids are listening. It’s the perfect track that sucks you into the whole set-up. Demonen has even a bluesy feel, with a sticky touch and a catchy chorus. Experimentet sounds a bit more into electronic elements with that gloomy sound and a ’69 aka The Doors touch. Once again the sweetness turns the song into something else, far away from what the lyrics are telling us. Last track is called Nekromantik and has the darkest feel of all the tracks, but still goes on with the sweetness. It reminds me a bit about how good Silke Bischoff could mix sweetness, bitterness and sadness and still gives you a positive feel if you neglect the lyrics.

I really love this EP and I want more! I hope the fans will follow my example soon enough!