An Pierlé – Cluster (Consouling)

  Van Muylem    27 mei 2017

An Pierlé launches a new album and worked on the path she started with Arches (working it out with a modern organ as lead instrument throughout the whole album). I saw her this week on stage in the Church of Laken and totally enjoyed the sound and the performance, time for a review and thus more fun!

It all starts with The Golden Dawn: organ mixed with some electronics and An ‘s melancholic and fragile voice (going high and low on the vocal chords as if a kid was simply jumping up and down). Her husband (Koen) adds some extra instruments and gives it a warm sound. Huntifix goes deeper into the melancholic touch, with a catchy feel and a sexy sax. Bedroom Dust is a strange title, as if one didn’t sleep in his/her bed for ages, but it’s more about lust and wanting. An ‘s angelic voice weeps us gently, together with the sweet guitar sound. Snapping fingers open It’s Like, joined by the organ and sweet vocals. It sounds like a sweet dream, floating gently out of the darkness and joining the light side of life.

We Gravitate has a dramatic feel, a bit like floating into space without knowing how to get out of this situation. The vocals are sweet and go very high on the vocal chords, whilst we get a Stanley Kubrick feel. Road To Nowhere was already on stage a hit and confirms all the good things on CD: it sounds like it should sound in a church and has lots of pathos in it! The organ and her voice blend in as if made for each other. It’s an emotional and dark pearl! Sovereign sounds very theatrical, very dark and heavily emotional with now and then a bleeping light.

Monkey is not at all a funny song, it’s a rather dramatic and emotional track that cuts deep wounds. Do you hear the pathos, the goblet of fire filled with emotions whilst the vocal go high and low. The ticking rhythm sounds as if we are slowly stepping towards are death, we are hypnotized and can’t do anything else but step forwards … I know: it’s my dark fantasy, but still …

I already enjoyed An Pierlé since the beginning of her career and saw her many times on stage, always had fun and was always deeply moved. She keeps on innovating her sound and keeps on producing great tracks! Once again I can only conclude that she and her team did a great job and can’t wait to review her!