Altered Sky – Without Wonderland

  Van Muylem    23 mei 2017

I noticed this band thanks to Facebook, whilst making promotion for their new album and got caught in their sound. I must say I was a fan from the early years on of Avril Lavigne and somehow this band reminded me of her, so I couldn’t resist to it and asked If I could review their brand new album. You can read the rest underneath:

They start with This War is Mine that sounds like a sweet rocker with a young Avril Lavigne on vocals (but it’s Ana Nowosielska). The music sounds very poppy: swinging, seducing, rocking and making you jump up and down (despite the title). A bit more into a catchy vibe is the excellent and very sweet screamer: Stupid in the dark.Apple Tree starts as a rocker but becomes a false ballad. It sounds as if this song belongs to the old school MTV, a nice and sexy video included! Bury it all sounds like a sweet version of Avril Lavigne: a soft rocker that that speeds up, slows down, speeds up …

It sounds soft and very catchy. Live for it goes a bit faster with a positive mindset and showing off her angelic vocal possibilities and vocal powers! It’s for sure an absolute jewel! Livewire is not only a single it has also a lot of live potential: it’s a vital song with an adrenaline shot in it. Once again the vocals blow me out of my socks: what a voice! Songbird sounds sweeter, just like the title promises! Imagine Adventure is a fragile ballad: just the vocals and a piano. This one is filled with emotions, pathos and real feelings! It’s a shining diamond! Waves starts slowly, almost like a ballad, until the guitars and drums join and explode! The song goes in waves: hard and faster to soft and slow: back and forth. White Witch is the last track: a catchy (Avril Lavigne minded) rock song filled with pathos and cool guitars with simply great vocals!

I hope nobody got offended because I mention so often Avril Lavigne. Fact is that she has a budget that has one or 2 zeroes more and thus comparing both on equal base is always a win for Altered Sky! I must say that the street credibility here is bigger than what our big star has …

Well: I enjoyed it and hope lots of fan will follow!