Martin Rubashov feat. Anders Fridén - Black Elk (Despotz)

  Van Muylem    17 februari 2017

Behind Martin Rubashov, commonly known as the outgoing radio host Bollnäs-Martin on Bandit Rock Radio in Sweden, is a shimmering, mysterious and beautiful pain that meets the listeners in his music. February 10th Martin Rubashov releases the new single Black Elk with Anders Fridén from In Flames as featuring singer.

We quote from the promo talk that came along with this single: ‘The Indian medicine man, Black Elk, was an inspiration to Martin when he wrote the lyrics. Indigenous people around the world has always been oppressed and chased away throughout history and Martin applies it on the refugee situation of today. Black Elk is about survival and being on the brim to losing all hope, but finding the strength and never give up.’

It starts in an acoustic way with a melancholic tone in the vocals. At least the first minute sounds very fragile. After that we get a piano, drums and some guitars: lifting the tempo. The vocals become a bit rawer and lived through. Halfway I can even hear catchy backings whilst the chorus gets stronger. Towards the end the piano gets the outro and renders the more melancholic touch.

Well: it’s only one song but it sounds like I want a complete album like that! It’s beautiful, melancholic and a fragile beauty!