Cephalgy - Gott Maschine Vaterland (Out Of Line Music)

  Van Muylem    17 februari 2017

One of the most popular German Dark-Electro-groups is back! On Gott Maschine Vaterland, Cephalgy took 5 years before finally releasing new material: creating a dark, dirty and simmered-down beast... a relentless machine of beats, bass and excursions into the dark sides of human emotions. Pain becomes a lustful addiction, love can be war, yet one is still bound to fall for it again and again. Here, dark beat monsters mingle with sinister romance and the fusion of EBM and Neue Deutsche Härte sounds like a match made in heaven!

It all starts with Anatomie sounds very much like the typical sound of a dinosaur from the old school EBM scene: Funker Vogt. I’m not sure if I can call this evolution? Fact is that old school fans will love this track and it’s low tempo (with a sticky piano tune). Bei dir sein sounds sweet and romantic and yet ready for the dance floor if you love slow stomping tracks! The ultimate track on this album is the main title song: Gott Maschine Vaterland as I just adore the stomping beats, the lyrics, the shouting, the whole vibe. If this doesn’t become a club hit that I simply have to stop reviewing albums!

Symphony Of My Heart even gets some female backings and some English words. It could be the newest Blutengel (and yes: all the newest tracks from Blutengel are simply great). It has something romantic and sounds pretty catchy. In My Head sounds very much like Front 242 in better days! Never Ending Life goes back to the vampire style, with dark and scary lyrics and beats that will make you dance! My heart is the moonlight! Nice phrase! Gefallene Liebe reminds me again of Blutengel, off course because of the vocals (female fronted this time), the lyrics and the sound. Willst du sounds like Rammstein in a drum’n bass remix with an industrial feel.

Burning Heart is an electro minded duet with a dance floor feel. I would have lifted the tempo a little bit and would have put a bit more power in the vocals to take it to a higher level (as I feel clearly it has a higher potential). Utopia sounds not as good as the title, despite the catchy tunes. Somehow I think that the vocals could have used a second or a third take to make it sound perfect (put more feelings in it). Verfluchter Leib has nice guitars and nice beats, I’m just wandering what the title means as my German is too poor to understand it. Für dich throws a bomb on the dancefloor with the right beats and blips! The vocals sound very typical for a Funker Vogt track (I know: it’s hard to forget). Blut zu Blut sounds sweet and catchy, but don’t forget to listen to the lyrics! Es tut mir leid (Outro) is the last track: a spoken word with excuses …

Well, I must say I had my portion of fun with this one. The more I listen to it, the more I’m looking forward to review the newest Blutengel!


01 Anatomie

02 Bei dir sein

03 Gott Maschine Vaterland

04 Symphony Of My Heart

05 In My Head

06 Never Ending Life

07 Gefallene Liebe

08 Willst du

09 Burning Heart

10 Utopia

11 Verfluchter Leib

12 Für dich

13 Blut zu Blut

14 Es tut mir leid (Outro)