Pankow - Throw Out Rite (Artoffact Records)

  Van Muylem    19 januari 2016

I remember that one of my friends (Peter Dolphen) is a big fan and saw them on stage in 2014, he is the one responsible for my interest in them. For those who missed them: it’s an Italian EBM band and they recently reissued their cassette from 1983 (on vinyl, CD and in digital form).

With this reissue I can finally judge why they are not as popular as for example Front 242. I must say it’s a very experimental thing. One of the most remarkable things is that they managed to work together with BlixaBargeld (yes, the guy from Einstürzende Neubauten & Nick Cave) during Rendez-Vous Dans un Bois. It’s a very experimental and dark and cold soundscape with scary vocals. It’s not the kind of lovely walks in the woods. There is not really something of  a tempo in it. I’m pretty straight: I have never been a fan of Einstürzende Neubauten as it’s simply too experimental and not enough rock’n roll for me.

For this reason the opening track Das Wodkalied is simply the best track on this record: old school EBM with the perfect drive and a catchy chorus. I hear some Fad Gadget versus Front 242 in it. It’s the kind of songs to start a party or keep it going and perfect for gigs! Wait and Search is the third best track, with a good tempo and some nice beats. I’m just not a fan of the deformed vocals with lots of special effects on it. Zz Walhalla is simply the second best track: with the cold sound, nice beats and better vocals. It’s typical 80’s EBM stuff! Destiny sounds like a more into chaos version of a lot of 80’s underground bands: cold EBM with a touch of industrial.

I’m Food For Youis EBM in an experimental form, feels like searching for the right sound. I can imagine that for old school lovers this one must be very interesting. I would call it cold chaos! Voce is more experimenting with sounds, distortion, adding and taking out noise without killing the repetitive feel. It feels like pre industrial stuff, totally not my thing, but I can imagine that for certain people it sounds very interesting. Satellitesounds like a demo version of an EBM artist using drugs (LSD or weed) whilst recording it. It’s dark and sounds very dangerous but also very chaotic. I can’t imagine that this one would work out at gigs. The sax gives it a special sound and for the first time I also hear a clean voice (as if somebody forgot to put on the special effects). This is the electro version of whatThe Stoogesdid deliver with their album Fun Housein1970. More intoThe Klinik is Spinnen(very into experimenting with a chaotic sax sound, lots of bleeps and a touch of industrial). I keep in mind the feel of drugged people recording something totally weird. Senza Titolo is a short electronic soundscape (with still that spooky sax in the background), again: totally not my thing.

I must say that there are a few tracks that could be lost forever, for sure in the last part … but that is my personal point of view as I’m aware that they have fans in the underground scene. As far as it goes for me: throw some of the tracks on samplers or work on a best of. This one is good for die-hard fans or let people choose their tracks and pay track per track.